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National politics

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1 hour ago.
by Caspiansynn
Winds of revolution?

Posts: 1079 - Has anyone else noticed that not only the rhetoric but general conversation has changed for the worse since the Newtown shooting? There have always been some crazy ideas coming from the extreme lef...

2 hours ago.
by harryanderson
Trump for President

Posts: 3385 - good late afternoon all. this is my first topic...a little bashful. anyway...this topic is a gift for Nascarnut. He is following the Donald in his quest to become President or so he alledges..

15 hours ago.
by slinky
Daily breaking news and news the liberal media doesn't want you to know, won't report, or just daily news issues.

Posts: 10267 - Americans for many years have had to rely on left leaning biased news reporting from liberal media such as NBC, ABC, and CBS and the New York Times.

19 hours ago.
by moderation
Name One Good Thing The Donald Has Ever Done

Posts: 4 - Well since our local rabid republicans have slandered Hillary in these forums , I thought it only fair to discuss just what The Donald has ever done for us real people ! You know , his public...

2 days ago.
by NasCarNut

Posts: 6339 - Anybody but Hillary.

3 days ago.
by slinky
The legacy of George "Dubya" Bush

Posts: 1090 - He started wars on a basis of lies and left a economy in shambles and almost in a depression .

4 days ago.
by slinky
Name One Good Thing Hillary Clinton Has Ever Done

Posts: 144 - Most of us can list a litany of lies, corruption and malfeasances that Hillary has been involved with, directly or on the periphery. I can't come up with a single good thing she's done.

5 days ago.
by slinky
Gun Control

Posts: 403 - Even the rights demi-god Ronald Reagun knew we needed some limits on the types of weapons sold in this country . Maybe its time to dust that law off and put it back in use !

6 days ago.
by slinky
Barack Obama Legacy

Posts: 8983 - BBB

29 days ago.
by slinky
Is the GOP "out of touch" with women?

Posts: 694 - A recent CNN poll has 55% of Americans saying that the GOP doesn't understand women.

31 days ago.
by slinky
End of The Charles Manson White House

Posts: 67 - Several years back, on these threads and others, I depicted Barack Obama and his advisors as being on a par with the Manson Cult.

34 days ago.
by slinky
Obamacare is not "FREE" health care

Posts: 2310 - People have finally realized that the word “free” is nowhere to be found in Obamacare’s “ Affordable Health Care Act”. Coverage under President Barack Obama's health care law won't be cheap.

35 days ago.
by slinky
Deny, deflect, mislead and lie!

Posts: 97 - Local socialist boiler rooms have a motivational poster hanging on their wall above their computer monitors. It says, "Deny, deflect, mislead and lie!"

35 days ago.
by slinky
Jobs Jobs Jobs

Posts: 85 - Job's Bill.

36 days ago.
by slinky
Are Democrats Becoming Desperate?

Posts: 68 - The news has hit that Democratic Virginia Governor (and prolific Clinton fundraiser) Terry McAuliffe wants to restore voting PRIVELEGES to @ 200,000 convicted felons.

41 days ago.
by slinky
Last minute heroics

Posts: 190 - I'm surprised that those republicans in Iowa havent trotted dear ole Michele(crazy whack-job) Bachman out for endorsements . Whats up with that ?

47 days ago.
by slinky
Members of Congress should not undermine the U.S. government

Posts: 237 - United States Congressmen should not threaten the existence of the United States government simply because those Congressmen do not like a program.

50 days ago.
by slinky
The Trump Effect

Posts: 23 - Just what will the GOP hierarchy do now that it looks as though The Donald will be the republican candidate ?

61 days ago.
by slinky
Thank You, Art!!!!

Posts: 423 - I know you have a thankless task dealing with these topics, a job I for one would not want for all the money in the world.