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12 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

"Union fat-cats...myth or reality?" think labor unions are run by cigar chomping "Union Fat Cats", who receive outrageous salaries and benefits, while living a life of luxury comparable to Saudi Arabian Princes, lording their unrestrained power over the entire United States of America... all on the backs of the union-enslaved workers they represent. Here's your chance to prove it.


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Right to work is the way to go. It gives a worker a choice to join a union or not. A job should not depend on whether or not you are a member of a union. If you are trained and qualified, you should get the job without having to pay forced union dues.

Posted 677 days ago.


straight from the fields..."onion fat-cats...myth or reality"

Posted 687 days ago.


i was thinking the same thing!

Posted 690 days ago.



Posted 690 days ago.

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