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6 hours ago.
by Stillhere

"Union fat-cats...myth or reality?" think labor unions are run by cigar chomping "Union Fat Cats", who receive outrageous salaries and benefits, while living a life of luxury comparable to Saudi Arabian Princes, lording their unrestrained power over the entire United States of America... all on the backs of the union-enslaved workers they represent. Here's your chance to prove it.


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United we stand, divided we fall For every dime they give us a battle must be fought So working people use your power the key to liberty Don't support the rich man's style of luxury

There ain't no way they can ever keep us down There ain't no way they can ever keep us down We won't be bought, we won't be sold To be treated right, well that's our goal There ain't no way they can ever keep us down

We've been shot, we've been jailed, lord its a sin Women and children stood right by the men We've got a union contract that keeps the worker free They'll never shoot that union out of me

They'll never shoot that union out of me, oh no They'll never shoot that union out of me Got a contract in our hand signed by the blood of honest men They'll never shoot that union out of me

The power wheel is rolling, rolling right along The government is keep it going going strong so working people get your help from your own kind Your welfare on the rich man's mind

Your welf

Posted 314 days ago.


Right to work 4 nuthin: Top 10 Bankruptcy States Per Capita - 8 News NOW ****8newsnow****/story/15939734/top-10-bankruptcy-states-per-capita State, 2010 Bankruptcy Filings per 1,000 Residents. 1. Nevada, 11.1. 2. Georgia, 7.92. 3. Tennessee, 7.86. 4. Alabama, 7.16. 5. Indiana, 7.11....

Posted 314 days ago.


BobBarker...admit you are the former "munster". it will make you feel much better. besides i really wanted to say hello to my old adversary.

Posted 316 days ago.


BobBarker:10. Labor Power is Suppressed Because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a fascist government, labor unions are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed., the derp quotient is strong in R1D1, he is a disciple of the nrtw4nuthin....

Posted 318 days ago.


You're not Absolem. I'm Absolem.

Posted 321 days ago.


On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Count unanimously ruled in favor of United States Steel Corp., finding the Pittsburgh-based steelmaker does not have to pay unionized steel workers for the time spent "donning and doffing" safety gear before and after their shifts.

Pay to change your clothes.. go figure

Posted 325 days ago.


Look up the past history of the UAW at the Lordstown plant of GM.

Thugs at work my friend.

It might be better now, but it was a union made*****hole years past. The plant was almost shut down due to union antics.

Posted 325 days ago.


Should a Pipefitter and a bagger at Walmart really be in the same union?

Posted 326 days ago.


Unions needs to support workplace rules that allow better workers to get better pay. This stuff about all the brotherhood making the same cash is BS.

Also, Obamacare has removed the need for Unions to negotiate heeath care benefits.

Posted 326 days ago.


There are many problems with unions. just a couple: First , Unions limit the amount a union member can earn.

Second, the worst worker and the best worker make the same money.

Posted 327 days ago.


@brutus, do your law enforcement buddies think unions are worthless??...

Posted 329 days ago.


Do ya need a good attorney,bob?

Posted 331 days ago.


BobBarker, you wrote "Being new here" you are kidding...right? you are about as new to this as seasoned hooker calling herself a virgin. you ruse did not last long but at least you seem a smidge more civil. you gave yourself away with the goosestepper comment on another thread. either way be somewhat civil and share your thoughts.

Posted 331 days ago.


Judge rules Indiana right-to-work law violates constitutional ... ****toledoblade**** › News › Nation 3 days ago - Judge rules Indiana right-to-work law violates constitutional provision ... ban on collections and associated criminal penalties unconstitutional.

Posted 463 days ago.


Bankrupt Detroit union buddies giving city contracts to buddies made the city #3 in income per capita. And look at it now.

Posted 466 days ago.


SHARE the truth: When Hostess began to face financial woes, the company’s CEO got a 300% salary increase from $750,000 to $2,250,000. It was discovered that the former Hostess CEO tripled his salary in early 2012. Meanwhile, a number of top executives saw massive pay raises, some nearly doubling their salaries. The new CEO blamed union workers for the company’s bankruptcy filing—yet it's the workers who were the very ones who gave concessions multiple times in the past few years—valiantly fighting to save their jobs and their company. In December, a staggering $1.8 million in bonuses were awarded to executives AFTER the bankruptcy filing. In late 2012, Hostess Brands admitted to The Wall Street Journal that money taken out of workers' paychecks—intended for their retirement funds—was used for company operations instead. Hostess is one example of executives' blame-the-worker and blame-a-union game. The sad part of the story? Regular, every-day workers fall for it; hook, line and sinker

Posted 544 days ago.


Google search of "union fat cats" rends 752,000 results.

NOPE! There ARE no "union fat cats!" (please note the use of the intended double negative) LOL

Posted 548 days ago.


Some basic rules should be followed when leaving comments. 1. Comments should be your own opinion. Not cut and paste materials from other sources. This would normally violate the terms of service of the source. 2. Comments should only be left on one topic/story. 3. Comments should be on the topic of the the story/forum and should not be aimed at other people using the forums.

Posted 549 days ago.


Munster likes to have the 'final word' on each topic in the pick list of the "National Forums" so that, when someone looks down the posts they see Munster, Munster, Munster, Munster, Munster, ad nasium. I'm sure that he's trying to convince SOMEONE that he is an intellectual giant when, in fact, he's an arrogant as$.

So, let's fight fire with fire!

Posted 560 days ago.


Teamsters and airlines.... That should work out well.

Posted 565 days ago.

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