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1184 days ago.
by Munster

Marietta College police to carry guns

The MC trustees have voted to allow the campus cops to carry guns. What do you all think about this?


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I heard that the College will need to replace the roof on the new 7th street dorm this summnet since it was not installed correctly or installed with wrong materials. I wonder who is going to eat that cost?

Posted 1221 days ago.


This should do well to stop the extremely long list of violent offenses committed on campus that this paper never reports, never show up in a police blotter, never go to trial, and don't exist.

Posted 1298 days ago.


Greek ,They ar'nt solders in a war , they are glorified security gaurds. The number one issue that campus cops deal with are drunkin students so its very unlikely that they should ever need anything more than nonlethel weapons. I'm not familure with the tv show that you are refering to but I hope the answer is zero.

Posted 1325 days ago.

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