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649 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

PANTS ON FIRE Lies of Obama #4

Obama bragged, "What I have done -- and this is unprecedented ... is I've said to each agency ... 'look at regulations that are already on the books and if they don't make sense, let's get rid of them.' But there is nothing unprecedented about this at all.


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Which, by reading what you post, is obvious that you DON'T do!

Posted 649 days ago.


I will stop displacing your name from heading the latest comments, on a continual stream of topics, with this last posting tonight, Ohwiseone.

Because you are simultaneously verbose and tedious, you do bear a striking resemblance to someone that used to post under another name on these forums.

Posted 649 days ago.


I believe that three or four minutes, or even an hour would be a waste of time for you, greek.

Posted 681 days ago.


OH! Let's give Obama ALL THE POWER to do what ever he wants. He's so brilliant!!! Let's skew the US Constitution so that the will of the people, that put a majority of Conservatives in the US House, be dan-med!!! We shouldn't ACTUALLY expect them to do what WE (as a majority) asked them to do and hold their ground (OUR GROUND) against a egotistical megalomaniac in the WH.

Posted 682 days ago.


Streamline agencies? Did you hear about Obamacare and That worked out real well didn't it?

THE IRS is streamlined also. They decided to downsize their storage capacity for old emails and save money.

Posted 686 days ago.


What a joke that comment was.

Posted 688 days ago.


Hal, is that you?

Posted 1167 days ago.

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