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254 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

Thank You, Art!!!!

I know you have a thankless task dealing with these topics, a job I for one would not want for all the money in the world. We've seen a quite wild and wooly political campaign, with anything goes it seems in comments from both sides. I freely admit I've posted replies here more out of anger than I'd usually do on a public venue. Thank you for cleaning the most vile and insulting comments through it all. I for one appreciate your patience through it all. Perhaps now that it's over, we can start again with a clean slate? That those who post here can do so in a manner that we'd use if we were having the same discussion in front of our mother? I for one pray that is possible. I pledge to try and stay on the "high road." How about it people, can we all do the same?


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I "WONDER if Art" will notice, or admit, that certain individuals getting on here with ill-thought plans to diminish the rights held dear by Americans for over 220 years or those that constantly squeal (across unrelated forum topics) about the possibility of losing some union benefit, may actually cause a decline in posters to and readers of these threads? I know it's caused me to back off.

Posted 938 days ago.


Freddie has been missing because he's tired of being proven to be a liar and a bully!

Posted 989 days ago.

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