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437 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

Scandal - Abuse Centered Right In The Mid Ohio Valley

Just today I learned of a scandal that originated right here in the Mid Ohio Valley and spread across the globe by means of the internet. The scandal is about the abuse of exclamation marks, assorted but nonsensical punctuation, and caps lock silliness. Several of the suspects have been traced right back here to this forum. Seriously, though, I feel that it may need explicitly pointed out: Adding exclamation marks to the end of every sentence does not make it more valid. It just makes it look like you go about town screaming everything you say like a fool. Exclamation marks have a specific function. If you are not sure what that function is, don't use them. They don't make you more right when you spread them around haphazardly. They make you less right in that you look like a gibbering polemic. You're less likely to be read if people think you are crazy.


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OMG, ohwiseone. The author of this forum has pretty much nailed you with his comment of, "You're less likely to be read if people think you are crazy."

BTW - Have you seen this?

The following is an excellent posting from Facebook, CONCERNING GWB, that I just know Ohwiseone wishes he had posted;

"So... cops are criminals, criminals are victims, people who don't work get a free ride, desecrating our nation's flag is acceptable, cross-dressers are called heroes, a sniper is called a coward, Obama negotiates with terrorists, we supply guns to drug cartels yet disarm our own citizens, people want to make more flippin' burgers than soldiers who are risking their lives...and it's still my fault?"

Welcome to Obama's "transformation of America", Ohwiseone. LOL

Posted 437 days ago.


Everything can't be about politics LOL

Posted 456 days ago.


!!!!!!!!!!.....joining the scandal herd!

Posted 456 days ago.


Hanoi Jane: Unlike many women, Jane Fonda was not swept off her feet by Warren Beatty's charms when they met for the first time more than 55 years ago.

According to a new interview with W magazine, the 77-year-old veteran actress joked that she thought Beatty "was gay" the first time they met.

Posted 460 days ago.


Posted 1248 days ago.


I know, what's wrong with me? I recant and leave the usual three to call each other liars and sling as much partisan crud that they don't understand as they can.

Posted 1291 days ago.

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