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1175 days ago.
by Munster

Four dead Americans in Benghaz

The GOP crisis is the four dead Americans in Benghazi. What ever happened to the over 4,000 dead Americans who fought in the illegal war in Iraq and cost billions of wasted tax money and the increase in our deficit? This is a crisis? They create their own crisis to change the subject of the GOP congress doing nothing for the past five years!


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I wish that the family of Ambassador Stevens would PATRIOTICALLY PUSH for the release of the Medical Examiner's report on what the ambassador was forced to endure at the hands of the ANIMALS that killed him and what was done to his body post-mortem.

It would be very poignant information for the American people to digest with their Hot Dogs over Memorial Day. The Ambassador, and the three other Americans with him, died serving YOU as much so as US soldiers on a battlefield.

Posted 1191 days ago.

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