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22 hours ago.
by Kendall78

Barack Obama Legacy



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Putin still has a Superbowl ring.

Posted 283 days ago.


Is the Obamacare rollout going so well that there is just nothing to report?

Posted 284 days ago.


beright- do you feel there will be lives lost because of the implementation of the aca, .... bankruptcies,..... lower profits for the insurance industry.... ?

Posted 286 days ago.


Both sides, when reasonable, admit the the law itself has problems and they will fix it later. If we know what the problems are with the law now, why not fix it now?

Posted 286 days ago.


As it stands right now I would like to see them hold off on it for a year to work the kinks out of it and have further debate etc on it.

The right could have taken a far better approach than what they did to achieve that.

Posted 287 days ago.


Hey I dont like the ACA all that much. There are some good things in it but I feel its not really doing anything about the real reason why people dont get the health care they need.

Namely the costs associated with it.

All this is doing is forcing people on insurance.

I mean there have been people who had insurance and their health care bills have still bankrupted them.

Making health care truthfully affordable is what should be done.

I dont care for having a middle man in the works if you know what I mean.

Posted 287 days ago.


The program will not fail because of the web site. It will fail because 60% of the American People are against it. BTW: why don't we hold off for a year like we are doing the employer mandate? And what about all the exemptions being issue? What is that all about?

Posted 287 days ago.


Sorry but you think the website glitches are somehow only relegated to ACA site. But there are just a plethora of website crashes due to customer overload. It happens all the time. To big companies.

For you its just a nit picking point to bring up to say "hey looky here told you it would fail".

You sound like you want it to fail no surprise you'd latch on to anything that makes it look like you are right.

Posted 287 days ago.


A nation that once sent men to the moon can't even now can't even bring up a web site for Obamacare.

As a serious suggestion, they should have contracted with Amazon to do their healthcare exchange web site not the nuckleheads that screwed up the current one.

The healthcare exchange fiasco is what happens when the Gov't awards contracts to the low bidder.

Posted 287 days ago.



Is that the same as admitting "My law won't cause you to lose the doctor that you want to keep. The EFFECTS of MY law may cause you to lose the doctor you WANTED to keep?

I don't think Obama has EVER given to shakes about his "Legacy". His performance has been to turn this country into what he, and the people who influenced his life, wanted it to be all along.

Posted 298 days ago.


Get used to it. Hillary is running and will use voter ID laws to get the minority vote. That will be onme of two issues she will run one. The other is I am woman hear me roar. She will win and Bill will be back in the Whitehouse. Better lockdown the interns and get a drycleaner on call to get stains from the dresses.

Posted 307 days ago.


Benghazi investigators gave Hillary Clinton heads-up on findings

By Stephen Dinan

Issa running out of ammo(options ?)

Posted 308 days ago.


This is interesting. I can post this under both Clean Energy and Obama’s legacy. I would call the a twofer:

Indiana Michigan Power, an operating unit of American Electric Power , has announced it will retire the 500 MW Tanners Creek 4 generating unit along with the other three units at the plant. All four generating units at the plant will be retired by mid-2015.

The announcement of the retirement of Unit 4 brings the total of coal-fueled generation that will be retired by AEP to 7,176 MW by early 2016.

Posted 309 days ago.


Obama quote 2009: My healthcare mandate is not a tax.

Supreme Court Decision 2012: Obamacare passed into law as a tax.

Posted 310 days ago.


Where is the Presidents leadership on the following problem? Is that he has too many 30ish people in his administration that don’t care about the baby boomers:

10,000 people a day will turn 65 for the next 17 years. Adding 30 million to America’s senior citizen ranks. In 2026, the Medicare trust fund will be exhausted. By 2021, SS payouts will outstrip money coming in. And in 2033, the SS fund that worked for 75 years will be kaput. Obamacare will cost much more than expected and will strip away at any deficit reductions he claims to be making. What will the community organizer do?

Posted 312 days ago.


It is a shame that we wasted all the stimulus money. Colorado could actually put some of that wasted money to good use now.

Posted 313 days ago.


new name for presbo culled from a London newspaper. Ditherer-in-Chief. sounds very english doesn't it.

Posted 314 days ago.


indecisiveness...thats exactly what we need in a president...and we got it. the fulfillment of the "fad and whim" presidency. Putin is President by proxy. liberals, you have achieved your goal. rejoice.

Posted 315 days ago.


I guess the Syrian rebels are on their own again as we prop up the rebels and Putin props up Assad. Are we betting on the right horse?

What a mess.

Posted 317 days ago.


thegreek, you are welcome. frankly i avoid as many public places as i can and when i do, i am usually with my wife. she is the smart one and always has hand sanitizer in her purse. as much as i detest the debit/credit card, i am thankful for it when i think of how nasty our currency must be. i forget exactly what percentage of our paper currency had traces of coke on it during its heyday. maybe that would explain the numbing feeling in my fingers when i counted out bills during that time. :-)

Posted 318 days ago.

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