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60 days ago.
by Ohwiseone

Deny, deflect, mislead and lie!

Local socialist boiler rooms have a motivational poster hanging on their wall above their computer monitors. It says, "Deny, deflect, mislead and lie!"


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The greek has drank way to much of the right-wing kool-ade !

Posted 60 days ago.


Deny, deflect and lie,lie,lie , and still proving it every time the republicans speak !

Posted 64 days ago.


Lie cheat and steal peoples rights and run on the platform that you are helping the poor while you destroy them is the liberal democrats mantra !!! Proven time and time again by all different candidates !!

Posted 64 days ago.


Deny, deflect, mislead and lie! The republican mantra !

Posted 64 days ago.


"BUMP" Because it's funny.

I can just see Tinfoilhat, like Kilroy... Outside someone's house, on his tiptoes hanging onto the windowsill, peering in to see what un-American slogans might be affixed above their computer monitor.

Please, more!

Posted 444 days ago.


If Obama comes home from Europe with ANOTHER packing of dog crap on his Liberal shoes (and it ain't looking good for him), you'll disappear again, or be judged a fool. I think that even you understand that. Want to discuss your visit with Carl Bernstein last month, again?

“It’s terrible,” Bernstein said of the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “Outrageous. Heads ought to roll. Simple as that. … From what we know so far, some high-up heads.”

h ttp://w ww.politico.c om/story/2013/05/carl-bernstein-irs-watergate-91244.html#ixzz2WjAFFrk8

Posted 491 days ago.


Learned and taught by the BEST... The Democrats..

Posted 496 days ago.


I liked the Munster theology early out, when, if you said ANYTHING negative about the present administration, you were obviously a "Racist". That argument was too often shown to be obtusely absurd, so they backed off from using it.

Watch for it's return as the 2014 mid-terms approach. I think you'll find it listed as Strategy 1(A) in the Progressive Field Manual.

Posted 498 days ago.


Amen! But this newspaper is apparently approving of it, or it would stop.

Posted 500 days ago.

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