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281 days ago.
by slinky

kasich gives staff hefty pay raises

more kasich's wasteful spending Under Ted Strickland, the Communications Director (Keith Dailey) has a salary of $89,003. Under Kasich, the same position (Scott Milburn) will make $120,000. Strickland's Press Secretary Amanda Wurst makes $69,992, and Kasich's will get $90,000. Strickland's Chief of Staff John Haseley makes $122,990. Under the proposal, Kasich's Beth Hansen will make $170,000. But it gets worse. Not only is Kasich bumping up the pay of existing positions, he's also creating brand new positions to make sure that his buddies are taken care of. For example, he created the position of Special Assistant to the Governor with a salary of $145,000 per year for his long-time friend, Jai Chabria.


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Biased much ?

Posted 281 days ago.


according to Ohwiseone, public sector unions make more that their non union counterparts.

I figure that Kasich needed to pay more for his staff or he would get nothing more than Jennifer Garrison level help.

Posted 679 days ago.

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