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948 days ago.
by BobBarker

Comparison: Obamacare and Prohibition

In the 1920, the 18th Amendment went into effect and made the US a "dry" country. For 13 years the hardest hit by this law was working class people, while those who made the laws had booze whenever they wanted it. Now we have a law that (so far) is extremely unpopular and effects the working class people while those in power may not have to participate. Are their similarities in the two events? Could Obamacare be repealed? nice.


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Kendall78, you are bright enough to know and recognize the many similarities and differences. short answer...yes, it can repealed. will it???....i doubt it.....will it be modified...absolutely.

Posted 1024 days ago.


I put this up because I heard two older gentlemen talking about the topic and I thought it was interesting.

At the least I thought it could make for an interesting topic.

Posted 1024 days ago.

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