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867 days ago.
by BeRight

There is an appearance of collusion between the county gov't and big energy.

Over the last few summers big energy has been covering the county with salespeople looking to lease land for gas wells. We've all known or heard of someone agreeing to lease there land for this. My father for one said no. So that wave of salespeople went away. Now the county has found it necessary to re estimate property values, in part I assume because demand has went up for the land thanks to big energy. The appraisal for my fathers inaccessible brushland is astronomical! In a thousand years you could never get what they estimate it to be worth. The old property tax he paid was about half what a nice apartment in marietta is, which seems kinda high. One can only assume its about to go up considerably given the ridiculous appraisal of it value. How is an old person in the twilight of there life on social security to adjust to this new blow. Are we to assume it is a coincidence that big energy with likely be making another round thru the county looking to "bail" people o


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NOt sure how you are trying to make that connection Fred.

Posted 867 days ago.


They ARE baaaaaack.

Posted 957 days ago.

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