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951 days ago.
by asknot

When should a person be punished for stating an opinion?

As many people might know, 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson gave an interview to GQ Magazine and gave his colorful opinion on different social topics. The response from various groups made A&E pull him from the show. So the discussion is, if someone is asked for their opinion and gives it willingly, should they be punished afterward?


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You surely don't expect Protestants to start listening to what the Pope says, do you? That's why they split away from Catholicism. And, yes, I'm Catholic. More than one Protestant minister I know of teaches his "flock" that Catholics aren't Christians.

You know the difference between Jews, Catholics and Baptists don't you?

Jews don't recognize Jesus as the son of God.

Catholics don't recognize divorce.

Baptists don't recognize each other when they pass each other going into or out of the liquor store.

Posted 980 days ago.


yep...the Warlock had to contribute his two cents of moral ineptitude.

Posted 981 days ago.


headline: "Charlie Sheen Blasts ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson for ‘Unforgivable’ Comments' " i guess a life of coke and hookers will give one a unique perspective in which to view or criticize anothers thought without action.

Posted 981 days ago.


i think Kim Jong Un could give you the "final" answer to your topic question.

Posted 982 days ago.


K78 Would you rather allow youngsters to grow up believing food magically appears in supermarkets with a see thru plastic wrap? The Robinson know were food comes from and that knowledge might save their lives on day while the unknowledgable starve. If A&E were serious they would never show another episode ever. However, they plan on running a DD marathon on Christmas Day and the new season of already taped episodes starts in January. A&E wants to cash in on the chaos they themselves created. 2% of the population that probably never watched the show anyway, should sway such power. Just be vocal and in your face gives it to them, while now many straight people who are sick of them might just really raise up and set their cause back to what it once was. The gay agenda doesn't sit well the majority, but does well with liberal judges.

Posted 983 days ago.


No worries, I do not have any "up-rage" about this topic. It's merely a discussion about being punished for expressing an opinion.

There are many factors in this topic. If an elected official had said these statements, then the level of public punishment would be (and should be) great.

But a reality tv show personality is hardly that important. Unless GLAAD and other such organizations think this man wields such power that they need to come down hard on him.

Posted 983 days ago.


But then you have other groups that are so shocked and offended that they can't see straight. Didn't any of these people have any old men in their families as they grew up? I can't tell you how many times growing up that I heard inappropriate language toward African-Americans or other minorities. But in no way did a person ever ask, "What do you feel about...", get their answer and then say, "Well...I'm going to make sure you get fired or punished."

Phil said something stupid and predictably so. Should A&E pull him for that? No, but of course they didn't pull him for moral reasons anyway but for business reasons.

So anyway, what do you all think?

Posted 983 days ago.


Personally I do not watch the show. I think I saw a whole 30 seconds of it where they were skinning squirrels in front of the little girls in the family. Why should I watch this? My family already does this and it's hardly entertaining then.

But Duck Dynasty is a popular show and what those guys do seem to interest people. This alone makes me wonder what the big deal is. Is anything he really said that shocking to people that must watch the show? He doesn't strike me as the type of play nice in front of the camera and say things he doesn't mean.

Posted 983 days ago.

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