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902 days ago.
by asknot

Legalize Marijuana in Ohio?

In light of some recent and not so recent events, do you believe that marijuana SHOULD become a legal substance in the state of Ohio? I'm posting this under "National Politics" because I believe your answer transcends Ohio's borders.


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Absolutely, there have been far to many people that have been killed or had their lives destroyed by the war on drugs , not the drug itself. I don't use the stuff but I've done enough research to realize that prohibition has been far worse for society than marijuana is. The government spend billions every year to buy fancy toys that to catch people smoking marijuana, they spend more to imprison people who are non violent and haven't done anything to harm anyone but themselves. That money, equipment and time would be of far better use to combat terrorism or violent crime. The police would have a much easier time catching real criminals if they didn't have to waist their time arresting people who just want to relax and have a good time.

Posted 955 days ago.

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