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1180 days ago.
by Munster

Pollution Control

AEP spends over 5 Billion dollars to put in pollution controls to comply with the Clean Air Act – 1990 and Clean Air Interstate Rule 2005, better known as CAIR. This was done to prevent emmisions of S02 known to cause "Acid Rain". Other Power Companies spend multiple Billions of Dollars for the same reason. The moment these plants were constructed and put on line, the enviromentalists started beating the drum on C02. If we keep over regulating instead of helping the power people figure out a better way to burn coal, The power companing who burn coal will shut down plants because they are not obligated to produce power they are obligated to produce power at a profit to satify their share holders. If you over regulate you will be sitting in the dark. The EPA should work with the Power Companies to figure out a way to burn coal in harmony with enviroment.


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