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Job's Bill. How to pay for it: Obama has proposed: •A limit on itemized deductions and exemptions for individuals who earn over $200,000 and families earning over $250,000, a tax increase that would raise about $400 billion over 10 years, according to Lew. •A provision to treat carried interest -- the interest earned by investment fund managers -- as ordinary income, rather than taxing it at the capital gains rate. That would raise $18 billion, Lew said. •Scrapping various oil and gas tax provisions which raise $40 billion. All three ideas or versions of them were part of the budget plan Obama proposed in early 2009. A reporter reminded spokesman Lew that a Democratic-controlled House and Senate had chosen to not pass these measures in 2009 and 2010. “You had a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate and it went nowhere. So how are you going to get it done now with a Republican House?” he asked? Great question.


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Two years after Saudi Arabia nearly had to end beheadings due to a shortage of swordsmen, the oil-rich nation of 30 million people is taking a new tack.

Help wanted ads.

This week the Saudi Ministry of Civil Service began advertising for eight additional swordsmen to conduct executions, lob the hands off of thieves, and perform similar duties. Beheadings are actually mandated under Sharia Law, although Saudi leaders considered adopting firing squads as an alternative in 2013 due to a lack of swordsmen.

Posted 405 days ago.

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