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What do you think of the rise in the minimum wage?

  1. Long overdue
  2. Glad to see it
  3. Businesses will just pass on the cost to consumers
  4. Inflation will eat it away
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Mar-11-13 4:23 PM

Congress, and everyone else on the government payroll, should be working for minimum wage. When (HA!) congress gets the economy fixed, then the people who pay taxes can decide if the federal "blood-suckers" deserve a raise. After all, they are supposed to be civil SERVANTS and working FOR us, not against us and only working for themselves and lining their own pockets.

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Jan-08-13 9:48 PM

The problem here is that those who voted a few years ago to raise the minimum wage don't think about their "Dollar Menu" going up to the "Two Dollar Menu" and complain when it does. People just don't think about what will happen. EVERYTHING in this country will go up if the employers have to pay the employees more. USE COMMON SENSE!

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Jan-08-13 7:12 PM

Raising the minimum wage hurts everyone. Prices go up, so the minimum wage doesn't help those who get it, but it burns those who make only slightly more, because they don't get a raise. Everyone loses!!!

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Jan-08-13 4:19 PM

@jeepman i agree with you 100%

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Jan-08-13 1:02 PM

Maybe we should stop borrowing money from a bank called the "federal Reserve" - That's actually a private bank in london - which charges interest on loans....Oh yeah, the last three presidents that tried that were shot. Lincoln, Jackson, and Kennedy Wake up sheeple. It's beyond our government....

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Jan-08-13 10:24 AM

Obama says we can not "cut our way to prosperity" and that we need to spend more money. If anyone can figure out how that works I want to know because I would LOVE to spend my way out of debt!

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US Patriot

Jan-08-13 9:37 AM

That's to compensate for the increase in Social Security. What's NOT being done is restoring America. Too much borrowing and spending and not enough belt tightening in our government.

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