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Do you think high school students need time at school to relieve stress?

  1. Definitely
  2. Maybe
  3. No way
  4. Undecided
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Feb-05-13 6:27 PM

We're talking high school, right.

Walk into any high school; show me stress.

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Feb-05-13 6:26 PM

What the h3ll are you talking about. They are in school; 7 hours and 15 minutes; on dry warm days.

What stress do they have. Prepare them for real life experiences. We pamper them at every level; no wonder we are so low in rankings throoughout the world.


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US Patriot

Feb-05-13 6:11 PM

Scrappile, I have to agree with asknot that you could probably use a little more time in grammar school.

I applaud your daughter’s achievements and hope that she continues to excel in school and that she is a shining example for her peers.

Now, not to diminish those accomplishments, but according to 2012 education literary rankings, the US ranks 27th in math, 22nd in science, and a paltry 33rd in reading. The US has been slipping down the scale for years which indicates that we are not doing any good with how our education systems are being done. Now, take a look at some of the countries that out rank us AND are known for school uniforms AND are not communist countries…well you would be amazed. Do some actual research. The pros, by far, outweigh the cons. It’s hard to dispute proven facts. The “touchy feely” liberal ways just don’t work. Those are the facts and they can't be disputed.

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Feb-05-13 5:08 PM

Warball it is.Scholl uniforms, vundabar, all students must have brown shirts, with black ties and insignia os 2 slanted ss`es on sleeve, boys can wear shorts(black only) til passing grammer schools, at which time state will issue pants for middle and high school pupils, girls and those not following state sanctioned religion, no education for you Nein,Nein,Nein. My youngest is top 10 in her class at local school, and was nationally recognized in 1 of Md.s race to the top schools for science and math. Uniforms ha!!!!

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Feb-05-13 1:05 PM

Armybrat you must really be old that you forget the peer presures the bullies all very stessfull Armybrat how many students were killed by a crazy gunman or bomber while you were in school? you probably went to a one room school when muskets were all they had.

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Feb-05-13 11:52 AM

Stress??? They are in high school, they have not begun to know stress yet. If we don't teach them to deal with it now they are never going to be able to cope in the real world.*****it up! Everyone has stress!

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US Patriot

Feb-05-13 10:51 AM

Again, people seem to disagree (as shown in the responses). However, people certainly embrace our military and the discipline that goes along with it. If that wasn't the case, our military would be choatic and disfunctional...kinda like our schools. Hmmmmm......

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Feb-05-13 10:13 AM

I completely agree with you, US Patriot. And, yes, uniforms can be quite simple---dark pants or khaki pants with a white polo shirt. Have you ever noticed while watching TV that when they are showing and talking about a school where the students excel, the students ALWAYS are wearing some sort of uniform.

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US Patriot

Feb-05-13 7:55 AM

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of peer pressure and social status pressure which cause much stress in schools. There are programs that have proven to be effective in significantly reducing this stress. Some people may not agree, but you cannot deny the facts. One such program is school uniforms. Spare me the criticism of “student individuality and creativity” BS and spare me the socialism BS, too, because that argument doesn’t fly. The uniform program is an easy win for the school, the students and the parents. School uniforms can be as easy as specific colored polo shirts, khakis and even book bags. The benefits are more than you may realize. Social status is leveled and there is less distraction. Parents save money by not having to purchase name brand clothing just so their child can “fit in”. Uniforms will be able to be passed down or sold to others. There are many benefits, tangible and intangible. If you have doubts, I just ask that you do a little research for yourself.

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Feb-05-13 7:31 AM

Student: I'm grumpy and stressed because I didn't get naptime at school today.

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Feb-05-13 7:30 AM

Another excuse to cover up behavior issues

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