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  1. October
  2. November
  3. After the holidays
  4. Never
  5. No opinion
  1. This will encourage me to shop downtown
  2. This will discourage me from shopping downtown
  3. What took so long to bring him back
  4. They should chase some real lawbreakers
  1. Parade
  2. Entertainment
  3. Tractor pulls, etc.
  4. Farm animals
  5. Food
  1. Now I understand the genesis of Common Core
  2. I wish there was a quality alternative locally.
  3. How can we change results in individual subjects?
  4. The overall ranking in the state is disappointing.
  1. More inclined
  2. Not interested
  3. Less inclined
  4. I'll play no matter what the jackpot's size.
  1. Seal air leaks
  2. Have my furnace serviced
  3. Dust off my space heater
  4. Buy more blankets and sweatshirts
  5. None of the above
  1. My lawn is my business
  2. Some people need a push to keep the grass low.
  3. Making it a law seems intrusive
  4. I don't have a lawn
  5. No opinion
  1. Too much regulation
  2. People will still abuse the drug or somethng like it
  3. It's about time
  4. No opinion
  1. I have to have the next new thing
  2. I'd like to upgrade, but can't afford it
  3. I upgrade just to keep up with my friends
  4. I'm fine with what I have now
  5. Just the basics for me
  1. More than last year
  2. Less than last year
  3. About what I usually spend
  4. No opinion


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