Sour mash OPEN

Lincicome impresses those in attendance at event

Photo by Dominic Catacora LPGA golfer Brittany Lincicome hits an approach shot during her exhibition match with Parkersburg Country Club golf pro Scott Davidson against the 2017 winners of the Sour Mash Memorial Open. The two groups tied after 18 holes.

VIENNA, W.Va. — With a solid turnout and even better weather, the Parkersburg Country Club welcomed LPGA golfer Brittany Lincicome Monday to the 47th annual Sour Mash Tournament.

The day started early on the green for golfers willing to take their shot in the Sour Mash Memorial Open.

The four winners of this year’s tournament: Joe Bell, Sandy Bell, David Roach, and Mike Topping, will get their chance to play golf against Lincicome at next year’s Sour Mash. Everyone who competed in the tournament helped to raise money for various local charities including Family Crisis Intervention Center, Foster Grandparents Program, MOVRC, Latrobe Street Mission, Old Man Rivers, PHS Foundation, and Women’s Care Center along with the Bryce-Lietzke-Martin Scholarship as is tradition.

Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp also was in attendance welcoming Lincicome to the city and he announced that June 9th will be known as “Brittany Lincicome Day.”

Shortly after, around 9 a.m. Lincicome began her golf clinic. This was a time where she answered questions about clubs, swinging techniques, and spoke briefly about her upcoming competitions. Then, around 10 a.m., the first tee was shot and the Sour Mash Tournament was under way.

Lincicome was excited to be back on the green in Vienna. Playing golf and exchanging laughs with familiar faces.

“This is my 12th year doing this event,” said Lincicome. “It’s so cool because I do this clinic every year, and I feel people get bored with it, but eveyone always has new questions and they’re always engaged, and they want to see me hit the driver.”

Even after all these years of returning to the Mid-Ohio Valley, Lincicome still feels honored and welcomed by the people who put together the tournament, and the community that the event benifits.

“It’s so cool to be invited back, you would think after all these years they would want to find someone new, but they just love having me and it’s such a blessing because my grandmother lives an hour away, my dad grew up here in parkersburg, so we have a lot of family around,” said Lincicome. “So it’s like a family reunion for us to come. The people at this event have been coming for 12 years now, so they almost feel like family just because I see the same faces and the same people play.”

At the end of the day everyone who participated in the Sour Mash event knew they were golfing for a good cause.

“So it’s pretty cool to raise money for the Rotary, and the Rotary gives it to wonderful charities. It’s all about giving back and having fun.” said Lincicome.

Brittany’s teammate was PCC head pro Scott Davidson. The two of them golfed against the foursume who won last years Sour Mash. Zac Campbell, Mark Welch, Dustin Flinn and Chris Way were all in attendance, and they brought their A-game. The competition between the two pros and the four winners from last year’s tournament ended in a tie.

“We tied. It was a battle. There was a lot of trash talking out there,” Davidson said jokingly. “It [the Sour Mash] went really well. Brittany’s just such a joy to have and we always look forward to having her come back. She’s just so much fun. So the guys [the featured four winners from last year], they’ve probably been worrying about this for months. Within the first hole they relaxed and she just makes everybody have a good time.”

According to Scott Davidson, this years tournament raised between “$22,000-$23,000” after all expenses were paid.

The event turned out to be a succesful one and after golfing for charity Lincicome looks ahead at two competitions, including a PGA event. The Barbosal Championship in Kentucky that’s being held 2 weeks from now July 19-22.

“I just got told about this event a couple of weeks ago. So I havent really had that much time to prepare,” said Lincicome. “I’ve had other tournaments to get ready for. I hit it far naturally, so I’m just hoping for no rain. If it doesn’t rain I think it’ll be ok. When I play at home for fun, I play with a lot of guys and we play it from the back tees. So when I’m home I normally play it from the back tees anyways. So as long as it doesn’t rain I think it’ll be ok.”

Lincicome will make golf history as the fifth woman to compete in a PGA golf event.