Sports Talk: It’s father vs. son again in rivalry football game

Both Andy Schob and his son Jason played and coached football at Marietta High.

Both also coached football at Warren High.

Now, the elder Schob is a fourth-year Warriors’ boss on the gridiron, and the younger Schob is in his second season as the Tigers’ offensive coordinator.

“Jason has done a great job putting a scheme together that highlights their (Marietta) strengths,” said Andy Schob after the Tigers (1-0) defeated Morgan 41-28 in a season and home opening game at Don Drumm Stadium last Friday night.

The following evening, at the same venue, Warren (0-1) dropped a 51-40 decision to the Parkersburg Big Reds.

“We understand our team, and will continue to build on our strengths and work to minimize our weaknesses,” the Warriors’ mentor said. “The work ethic, effort, and attitude our players are developing and demonstrating in practices and games is an aspect we have emphasized and will allow us to be successful.”

Jason Schob, of course, is wishing his dad and the Warren football team all the success in the world, except for this Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Don Drumm Stadium, where the Tigers will be hosting the Warriors in a Washington County big school rivalry game.

“The good thing, it’s only one game out of the 10 games in the year,” the MHS offensive coordinator said.

Last year, in the first meeting between father and son, Warren claimed a 35-7 decision.

Poor Candi Schob, Andy’s wife and Jason’s mom. Gameday was her birthday, and she was in an awkward and impossible situation.

At least in this year’s game, it won’t be her birthday. That’s already passed. (Happy belated birthday, Candi.)

No one would blame Candi Schob, if she wished her husband and son were soccer coaches.

In soccer, during regular-season play, teams can tie, and that would be the ideal outcome in the Schob household.

Can you imagine what it might be like at breakfast time on gameday this Friday morning? Andy wants pancakes, and Jason likes French toast. So, what does Candi do?

“Sorry, guys, but on this day, you each serve yourself,” she might say.

OK, here’s another one, because I know Andy Schob and Jason Schob each has a sense of humor.

Father and son are driving through Beverly on gameday and stop to eat at a restaurant. After being seated, the father looks at the menu, and decides he wants to order “the Warrior feast.”

The son counters by ordering “the orange and black” special.

The server eyes the two men, shakes her head, and says, “I know who you two are, and today, all you’re getting are “the Cadet cupcakes.”

Ron Johnston is the Marietta Times sports editor, and can be reached at 376-5441 or at