Sports Talk: Warren gets last laugh on gridiron

Football rewards aggressive tendencies to a point.

Blocking and tackling are both a part of the game, and if executed properly can lead to winning.

Punching, of course, is illegal, and subject to a penalty and ejection.

With all of the equipment that a player wears, why would someone resort to fisticuffs anyway?

Sounds also like a good way to injure the hand.

Last Friday night at Warren, a couple of Parkersburg South Patriots let their emotions get the best of them on the field to the benefit of the Warriors.

It doesn’t really matter who starts the pushing, shoving and trash talking. (Let the refs sort it out.) Once a punch is thrown, everything changes, especially if done in front of an official, who has no recourse but to throw a flag.

During the first incident just before the half, South enjoyed a 26-0 advantage, but the Patriot player, instead of walking away and pointing to the scoreboard, elected to confront, and it proved to be costly to his team. Being “macho man” at that particular moment in the game served no purpose other than dismissal.

Where’d this South kid think he was, in a bar or something on Blizzard Drive?

Making matters worse for South, after its player was tossed, Warren scored a touchdown to cut it to 26-6 at the intermission.

The game’s momentum, whether perceived or not, had changed, as the Warriors were clearly fired up and had a whole half to come back, which as it turned out they did.

Amazingly, Warren rallied to win the game 47-39 but not before another South player was ejected for – you guessed it – throwing a punch at a Warrior.

Apparently, the Patriots had to learn the hard way – twice.

Also, how does a team expect to win with 155 penalty yards? Being objective, that’s downright ridiculous and inexcusable.

Sounds like Parkersburg South was more interested in fighting than playing the game of football in Vincent – and Warren of course had the last “aggressive” laugh.

More unsportsmanship

While on the subject of unsportsmanlike conduct, there’s another kind that’s not physical at all, but more along the line of running up the score.

At Reedsville last Friday night, host Eastern led Waterford 21-0 and had the ball with under a minute to play in the game.

The game was all but won.

All the Eagle quarterback had to do was take a knee to help run out the clock, but instead dropped back and threw a 76-yard touchdown pass.

Then, to top it off, Eastern elected to go for the two-point conversion – and failed.

What the heck’s going on here?

Be sure that Waterford will remember this – always. And, if the Wildcats get an opportunity to do the same someday to the Eagles, no one should blame them if they do.

Do you think that maybe Eastern was upset that its highly regarded volleyball team was beaten by Waterford earlier in the week?

Hard to say.

Ron Johnston is the Marietta Times sports editor, and can be reached at 376-5441 or at