Waterford’s Megan Ball on top of the world

Waterford senior Megan Ball has helped the Lady Wildcats get to the Division IV state championship game three years in a row, and was insturmental in the team’s state title run in 2015-16 including making the game-winning basket in the finals. Courtesy photo

Megan Ball


Year: senior

Age: 18

GPA: 3.9

Favorite subject: math

Sports: basketball, volleyball

Hgt.: 5-foot-11

Individual honor: All-Ohio in basketball as a junior

Team honors: 3 straight state tournament appearances in basketball; one state appearance in volleyball

College: Walsh University

Major: physical therapy

Family: Darren and Lisa Ball (father and mother); older brother Travis Ball

Question: Being that it’s the holiday season, what would you like Santa to leave you under the Christmas tree?

Answer: (Laughs) A laptop that I can take to college.

Q: When did you start playing basketball, and who introduced you to the game?

A: I started playing when I was in the second grade. My mom, dad, and brother got me started. I remember during halftime at my brother’s games, I would go out on the court and try to make a basket, but I was pretty short then. When I first started, I was a point guard, because I was the smallest girl on the court. It wasn’t until junior high that I had a growth spurt.

Q: How about volleyball? And, have you always been a hitter?

A: My mom got me started in the seventh grade, and I loved it. When I was a freshman, I played on the backside. And then, I became a middle hitter.

Q: Do you have a favorite college basketball team?

A: UConn for the women, And, Duke for the men.

Q: How about a favorite basketball player?

A: Breanna Stewart (formerly of UConn and now playing for the Seattle Storm in the WNBA). I’ve just always liked the ways she’s played.

Q: How close to 1,000 career points are you at Waterford?

A: (Laughs) Honestly, I don’t know. But I will tell you that our seniors will be trying to get our 100th win as a class this season. I think we need 16 more to do that.

Q: How close is the basketball team?

A: At school, we’re always together. It’s pretty close-knit.

Q: I’ll bet you that when you faced Alli (Kern) in middle school basketball, it was a battle.

A: (Laughs) I was in charge of her, and she was in charge of me. It was absolutely crazy. But I knew then that when we got to high school, it was going to be something pretty special playing on the same team with her.

Q: What is you career-high point total in a single game? Have you ever scored 30?

A: When I was a sophomore, I think I had either 27 or 28 against Federal Hocking. That would be my career-high.

Q: When you were a sophomore, you actually missed some of the season, didn’t you?

A: I had mono and was out for 12 games.

Q: But you came back just in time to help the Wildcats win a state title — and you scored the winning basket in the final. That had to have been pretty satisfying?

A: That was awesome. I’ll never forget that moment. After I got the rebound, the lane opened up. I didn’t know how much time left there was, so I drove and made the basket. And, when we won, it was both shocking and exciting at the same time.

Q: This season, Waterford will be seeking a fourth straight trip to state. Any thoughts on that?

A: That’s the goal to go back. It’s been our goal ever since my freshman season, to get back. It’ll be tough this year, because everybody wants to beat us. But we’re excited and up for the challenge.

Q: You almost went to Ohio Dominican to play basketball with Alli, right?

A: I considered it, but I really liked Walsh and their physical therapy program. School comes first. I probably could’ve played both basketball and volleyball at Ohio Dominican, but I think that would’ve been too much.

Q: Now, you and Alli will be facing each other again on the college court?

A: (Laughs) It’ll be like the junior high days.

Q: Have you ever played any spring sport at Waterford?

A: No. But I did play AAU basketball on Jeff Smith’s team. We did a lot of traveling, and played some really good competition.

Q: What about this spring and summer?

A: Well, I’ll be working out and lifting. And, I’m hoping to get a job.

Q: Who has inspired you during your sports career at Waterford?

A: That’s a tough one. There’s been so many people. My teammates mostly, and Jeff Smith worked with me a lot.

Q: Anything else that you’d like to add?

A: Just that I want to thank all my teammates for their support.

Ron Johnston, rjohnston@mariettatimes.com