Marietta’s Miller enjoys his time on the basketball court

JORDAN HOLLAND The Marietta Times Marietta’s Max Miller handles the ball during warmups before a game against Whitehall-Yearling last season at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

Max Miller


Year: senior

Age: 18

GPA: 3.7

Favorite subject: anatomy

Sports: soccer, basketball

Soccer position: defender

Hgt.: 6-foot-4

College: undecided

Major: pre-med or pharmaceutical

Family: David and Michelle Miller (father and mother); Mattie (sister)

Question: Do you play any sports in the spring?

Answer: No, just basketball and soccer. I used to do AAU basketball and traveled to Florida and places like that. That was pretty fun.

In Florida, we played the team that won the national championship, and we only lost by 2 or 4 against them. It was a pretty intense game. They were way bigger than us, and the refs…it didn’t go our way at all.

Q: How are the Tigers shaping up this season on the hardwood?

A: We’ve got a great team, honestly. But we need to work on some things, like chemistry and stuff like that. We’re still trying to find ourselves.

Q: Would you like to compete at the next level?

A: I’m going to try to walk on at a couple of places for basketball, but I’m not sure yet. Maybe, it’s farfetched, but maybe Marietta College. I’m going to be working in the offseason, to get bigger and better.

Q: I thought maybe you’d say soccer?

A: (Smiles) Basketball’s more my sport than soccer.

Q: During your career, you’ve played in many rivalry games against Warren. It’s not just another game, is it?

A: It’s more personal than any other game would be. Like one of my AAU buddies Josh Huffman, he’s playing on Warren and hopefully I’ll match up with him a couple of times tonight (Jan. 9). We’re friends (off the court).

There’s a couple of other ones, too, like Cole Fairbanks, Troy Huck, and a couple of others who come off the bench, I’m friends with them, too.

Q: Is there one of these games, basketball or soccer, during your career that stands out?

A: Ah, they’re all pretty much the same intensity level. I mean, when you walk out there, you know what you’re going to get. I feel like if any of these games stood out, it was during the soccer season — probably whenever we played here. It didn’t go good for us, but it was pretty personal between me and some of my soccer buddies, like Jared Hall, that I knew from Warren.

In basketball, we haven’t (had much success) the past few years but I feel this year if we play the right people, we’ll have success.

Q: In soccer, you were a defender, correct?

A: Yes, a center defender.

Q: Defenders don’t get a whole lot of recognition, do they?

A: Especially whenever it comes to stats and stuff like that.

Q: Your height (6-4) had to have been an asset on D?

A: Height really helps back there. And, on set pieces, that’s where I had some success this year and last. I got a couple of goal which helped us advance.

Q: I thought the Tigers (11-6-2) had a pretty good season on the pitch.

A: I just wish it didn’t end (2-1) the way it did against Alexander (in the district final). It was hard. I wish we could’ve played Athens (in the regional).

Q: Who’s kind of impacted your sports career at Marietta?

A: My dad. He’s pushed me a lot through basketball and sports. That’s been my main push. Then, there’s Steve Hill, he’s taught me a lot about respect. And, also, Donnie Hilverding, my AAU coach. I feel like he helped me enjoy the game more. He’s a good guy.

Q: What do you do off the playing fields? Any hobbies?

A: I still play basketball off the court. I hang out with my family and friends. (Laughs) I used to collect coins.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?

A: (Laughs) It’s hard for me to think with these (Warren) guys back there teasing me. But I think that’s about it.

Ron Johnston,