Evan Schob does whatever it takes to help the team

RON JOHNSTON The Marietta Times Fort Frye senior Evan Schob has been a key contributor to the Cadets’ 6-0 start this season in football.

Evan Schob

Fort Frye

Year: senior

Age: 17

GPA: 3.4

Favorite subject: history

Sport: football

Positions: FB/MLB

Hgt.: 5-foot-9

Wgt.: 190 pounds

Honor: 2017 All-Ohio honorable mention in Division VI

College: Marietta College

Major: Education

Family: Andy and Candi Schob; Jason Schob (brother), Heidi Linder (sister), Tiffany Smith (sister), Addie Schob (sister)

Question: You play on both sides of the ball. Do you like offense or defense better?

Answer: No preference. I’ll just do whatever I can to help the team. I like both positions, fullback and middle linebacker. I definitely like hitting.

Q: When you’re at fullback, do defenders try to strip the ball from you?

A: Oh, yeah, but I keep both hands on the ball. Ball security. There’s a lot of arms in there, but our line does a great job. I haven’t fumbled once this season.

Q: When you’re at your linebacker position, do you try to strip the ball?

A: Well, the first guy makes the tackle, and the second guy will try to strip the ball carrier.

Q: When did you start playing football?

A: In the fourth grade. I was a 130-pound offensive and defensive tackle.

Q: You were a lineman?

A: (Laughs) I was moved to fullback in the sixth grade at Warren. I became a Cadet in the eighth grade when my dad became principal at Fort Frye.

Q: Since your freshman year, Fort Frye has only lost one regular-season football game. That’s pretty remarkable. Do the guys ever talk about it.

A: We really don’t think about it. We take it game by game. The focus is always on the next game. This week, it’s Caldwell.

Q: What do you think about Caldwell?

A: They’re a good football team. I mean, they’re 5-2. They’re well-coached. It’s going to be a tough game.

Q: And, no starts like Barnesville had last Friday night, right?

A: (Laughs) They had two big plays to start the game. They’re a good football team. We’ll have to play well.

Q: You were injured earlier this season?

A: I hurt my foot in week two. But I definitely wasn’t going to miss the Waterford game in week three. The foot’s much better, now.

Q: Would you like to play college football after you graduate from Fort Frye?

A: I would. I’ve already talked to Andy Waddle (Marietta College boss). We’ll see. I’m keeping an open mind.

Q: Do you have a favorite NFL team?

A: My dad likes the Pittsburgh Steelers, and so do I.

Q: How about your favorite college team?

A: (Laughs) The Oklahoma Sooners.

Q: Sooners? You’re kidding me?

A: Again, my dad likes them, and I do, too.

Q: Who has helped impact your football career?

A: My dad and brother. When I was younger, I watched Jason play. I think I would also like to coach someday.

Q: Have you ever thought about being coached by your brother?

A: (Laughs) Jason (Marietta High head coach) tried to recruit me. But I decided I wanted to stay with my teammates and friends at Fort Frye.

Q: What do you do off the playing field? Any hobbies?

A: Just work out and lift for football. I also play video games, and hang out with my friends.

Q: Anything else that you’d like to say or shout out?

A: Just that I want to thank all my coaches for everything.

Ron Johnston, rjohnston@mariettatimes.com