Marietta High’s Tia Jarvis likes to shoot the 3

RON JOHNSTON The Marietta Times Marietta High senior Tia Jarvis, left, handles the ball during a high school girls basketball game against Loudonville Saturday at Ban Johnson Arena.

Tia Jarvis

Marietta High

Year: senior

Age: 17

Nickname: Smiley

GPA: 3.7

favorite subject: science

Sports: basketball, volleyball

College: undecided

Major: pre-med

Family: Ed and Donna Jarvis (father and mother); T.J. Shaw (half brother)

Question: Do you have a nickname?

Answer: (Smiles) Smiley, because I smile a lot. T works, too. On the floor, it’s usually T. And, then, one of my friends calls me T-Air.

Q: What’s your take on the 2018-19 Marietta girls’ basketball team?

A: There’s only two of us seniors on the team. So, we have to really lead the team. We’ve got young girls in there, and they work hard at practice. I love them, and we’re going to do better. We’re getting better. Our Coach (Allen Ruth) says we have all the ingredients, and we just have to put them all together.

We’ve got some shooters, guards, post players…but we’ve just got to put it all together. We’re so close. We just lost to Dover 58-50. We only lost by eight, and I know we can do so much better.

Q: Marietta High kind of got off to a rough start against Loudonville at MC’s Ban Johnson Arena?

A: Yeah, that was a better team. They’re really good, and they made us better (Saturday, Dec. 2) by pushing us, pressuring us. It helped. They had a real good point guard (Celeste Ryman). She was quick, but that was good for us to get that feeling to make us move faster.

(Laughs) It felt like a really long game. Like, in the first quarter, I thought it was the second quarter. It was so long.

Our coach says that our record doesn’t matter right now, because once we’re in tournament, that record doesn’t show.

Q: Are you planning on playing any sport at the college level?

A: I would love to play basketball. Basketball is my favorite sport, but I’ve got to keep working hard and keep my grades up so I can do that.

Q: Do you have a career basketball highlight that stands out in our mind?

A: (Smiles) Last year, right before the halftime buzzer, I made a three. Everyone stood up in the crowd, and the whole team came out and gave me a hug. I remember that one.

Q: You like to shoot the three, don’t you?

A: (Smiles) I do. If they start stopping me outside the line, I will drive. I’ve made myself do that more often now. And, once I drive, I know they’ll stay back and I can shoot (the 3) again.

We have plays that go directly to our shooters.

Q: How intense is the Marietta-Warren rivalry?

A: Oh, yeah. In my sophomore year, we beat them, and that was pretty exciting. It was a home game, and we hadn’t beaten them in a while.

I think we play them in a couple of weeks (Dec. 17 at Sutton Gym). So, we’ll see how that goes. They lost a lot of seniors, but they’re still pretty good. (Smiles) I think we can beat them if we run our plays and support each other. You have to have confidence.

Q: What position did you play in volleyball?

A: I was a backside hitter but I was a defensive specialist the year before. So, I got switched. I could do both.

We had a lot of success as a team. We worked and pushed really hard during the summer. We went to tournaments in Cincinnati.

Q: Must be pretty hard to juggle two sports in the summer?

A: It is, but it’s fun, being with the teams all summer.

Q: Who has inspired you and helped had an impact on your sports career?

A: All the coaches that I’ve had. Every single one of them. They’ve pushed me. I know they’re trying to make me better. And, I’ve thanked them for that.

Q: What do you do off the court? Any hobbies?

A: Hmmm…I like to hang out and do fun things with my friends a lot. Before our first game this season, we had a huge dinner. It was fun, because it’s my senior year.

I used to read a lot of books. I’d go to the book store and buy them. I like fiction.

Q: Being a senior, is there anything you’d like to shout out

A: (Laughs) I’d like to shout out to Coach Ruth, because he really pushes me in practice. He reminds me if I’m not going hard enough or as hard as I can, he knows how hard I can go. So, he’ll tell me that this is my last year, and he’ll push me every day — and I’ll push harder.

Q: You’ve been pretty durable during your career?

A: I was injured in middle school. I broke my right wrist playing basketball in the summer at the Elite Center. I fell backwards and landed on it — and a girl landed on top of me. I didn’t cry, and my dad didn’t think I’d broken it.

Ron Johnston,