Church is very important in Belpre senior Jerimiah Stitt’s life

RON JOHNSTON The Marietta Times Belpre senior Jerimiah Stitt gets ready to shoot a free-throw during a high school boys basketball game against Waterford last week.

Jerimiah Stitt

Belpre High

Year: senior

GPA: 3.8

Favorite subject: math

Sports: basketball (3-year letter winner), baseball, golf

Height: 6-foot-7

College: undecided

College major: Bible and ministry (preacher) or athletic training

Family: Scott and Katie (father and mother) Stitt; 2 older sisters — Aubri and Kaela; 1 brother — Jairon (6-foot Belpre sophomore)

Question: Are you thinking about playing ball at the college level?

Answer: Yeah, I have a few schools looking at me to play. So, I’m hoping to continue my athletic career in baseball or basketball in college. It’s going to be a really tough decision when the time comes, picking a sport.

Q: What’s your favorite sport?

A: (Smiles) That’s a difficult question. I’ve played basketball and baseball my whole life, and I’ve enjoyed playing both. So, it’s hard to decide.

Q: When did you start playing basketball?

A: Around the first grade. My dad was my coach growing up. So, I kind of fell in love with the game, starting there.

Q: How about baseball?

A: I started around the same area. It’s been in my life pretty much since I’ve been born. I’ve been around it a lot.

Q: Do you have a favorite baseball and basketball team?

A: I like the Indians. In basketball, not really. I like a lot teams in the NBA and college. So, it’s hard to pick my favorite.

Q: Do you have a favorite player?

A: I like Russell Westbrook a lot. I like his athleticism and how he holds himself on the court.

Q: When did you begin golfing?

A: I started golf in my freshman year. I just wanted to pick something up to play. I played three seasons, and I enjoyed it, but it was tough for me, because I started late. I think it will be a hobby for me, though.

Q: What’s been your lowest score in golf?

A: I shot a 40 earlier in the season at Oxbow.

Q: Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

A: (Smiles) I’ve been close, but I’ve never had one.

Q: How’s the Belpre basketball season been?

A: Things are going pretty well. There’s been a lot of ups and downs throughout the season, but we’ve managed to fight through all the adversity at the beginning of the year. We have an 11-10 record right now (11-11 after falling 61-57 at Waterford last Friday night). Our first sectional game is actually Tuesday (Feb. 19) in Jackson. Since we’re Division III, we play Chesapeake. It’s going to be a good game to watch, but i’ts going to be tough. It would be a dream come true in my senior year if we could get to state in Columbus. Belpre’s had a lot of good athletes and teams come out. So, anything’s possbile at Belpre.

Q: During your basketball career, what’s been one of your individual highlights?

A: (Smiles) Getting my first dunk this year against a team from Cincinnati Dec. 1. That was a really good experience. I think it was River View East. We played in a tournament in Columbus and I got it against them.

Q: Did it come on a breakaway?

A: They were pressing, and we beat the press, and I got it underneath the basket. I just went up.

Q: So, how many dunks do you have now?

A: About five or six. They’ve come on anywhere from fast breaks to getting it down low and just going up. It’s a thrill to see the crowd gets pumped up and my team gets hyped. It’s an amazing feeling.

Q: Do you do it one-handed or two-handed?

A: I can do either. I’ve done both in a game. I’m right-hand dominant whenever I go up to dunk. I’m not very comfortable doing it with my left hand yet. But it’s getting there.

Q: Have you ever done a tomahawk?

A: I had a two-handed tomahawk against Trimble earlier this year. (Smiles) That was pretty cool to get.

Q: What’s your high-point total for a game so far?

A: I had 30 against Miller this year. I had 18 rebounds in that game as well. (editor’s note: Stitt had nine blocked shots against Waterford last Friday night.)

Q: What positions do you play in baseball?

A: Pitcher and third base.

Q: How fast is your heater?

A: Low and mid 80s.

Q: How’s the Belpre baseball team going to be this spring?

A: I think we’ll do really well. We’ve got a lot of people returning. We lost three seniors last year. One of main pitchers, we lost him last year.

Q: Who’s been an inspiration or had an impact on your sports career at Belpre?

A: Probably my parents. They tell that you have to work hard to get what you want. I’ve kind of taken that to games and worked hard.

Q: What do you do off the playing fields?

A: I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. It’s a big part of my life. I’m also in a club at school that does a lot of volunteer work.

Q: As a senior, is there anything you’d like to shout out?

A: Just thanks to my team for making it a memorable year.

Q: Do you have a nickname by the way?

A: (Laughs) I get called a lot of things from Jer to Jeremy to Miah. It just depends.

Ron Johnston,