Daytime Dial

”DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: The judge sites two factors in her decision — Nicole’s criminal past and Deimos trying to bribe another justice to make sure Nicole won. Blaming Deimos for what happened, Nicole tells her they are through. Belle feels guilty about the outcome of the hearing, while Chloe is thrilled. Near death in the cold locker, Gabi and Chad keep warm by clinging to each other until Abby arrives on the scene, rescuing them. Everyone is assured that Chad and Gabi will be fine; Dario overhears Gabi call out for Chad. Paul arrives as henchmen are savagely beating Sonny to a pulp. Sonny tells Paul he is going to run the family business but not using violence or deceit. At Eric’s house, Marlena begs his son to come home. He refuses saying how can he go home when his drunk driving killed Daniel and forced Brady to have a heart transplant. Drew reveals he created Orwell and he destroyed it. Drew does let anyone know he made a back up for the program that could take over the world. Julie tries to deal with the motorcycle death of her son David. Val feels guilty that she kept David from the son they shared.


”THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Stunned after seeing Quinn and Ridge kiss, Ivy confronts them. Quinn explains that her previous interaction with men shaped how she deals with men. Ridge convinces Ivy not to tell Eric. Quinn and Ridge decide they need ground rules when they are around each other. Bill, obsessed with buying Spectra’s land, makes certain the fashion show is a fiasco. Thomas offers support to a crushed Sally. Thomas has an outburst when Steffy is not wowed by his recent fashion designs. Steffy tells Thomas his relationship as her brother is more important than any business battles. Steffy tells Brooke she thinks Australia would be the perfect place for Brooke and Ridge to marry, and Katie is shocked to be invited.


”GENERAL HOSPITAL”: Jason tells Sonny to come clean with Carly about sleeping with Nelle — unaware that Nelle just let a drunken Sonny think they made love. Nelle leaves a scandalous film in a mall where it can be found. Having planned a weekend for Sonny at the cabin, Carly asks Michael to go to the cabin to make some final touches. Having asked Nelle to join him, they find themselves snowed in by a blizzard. Anna is stunned when she learns she has an incurable but treatable blood cancer. Valentin’s care and concern puzzle Anna. Scott tells police that Ava was set up to take the fall for Morgan’s death and he has the proof. When Olivia turns down Ned’s marriage proposal, he asks Dante why, who explains that his mother has always been independent. The Quartermaines plan to use their wealth to buy GH. Livie tells Julian he has to get the GH property in two days or his loved ones will be in danger. Livie lets Sam think Dr. Lee’s office called and asked her to come in. In the parking garage, Sam discovers her car battery is dead. Livvie comes to the rescue. Robin recalls past meeting with Livvie and recalls how cruel and cunning she can be. Anna breaks down when she is told she has a treatable but incurable blood disorder. Valentin’s care and kindness has Anna wondering if she misjudged him.


”THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS”: After suffering a massive heart attack, Jill learns she will have to change her lifestyle — no alcohol and no stress. When Colin tries to make nice with Jill, she tells him they are through and despite his instance that he loves her, Jill tells him to get out of her life. Cain is named head of the Asian division for Brash and Sassy. Victoria steams when she learns Reed violated being grounded to play at open mic night at the Underground. Noah tells Nick it is for the best they he and Marissa ended things and that she moved back to Spain. When Billy suggests she look at Reed’s video that went viral she refuses. Lauren panics when her son Scott disappears until a phone call from him calms her down. When the call is suddenly disconnected, she vows to fly east and bring her son home. When Sharon apologizes to Nikki for pouring milk over her head, Nikki says she will forgive Sharon under one condition: she take over Crimson Lights and open a shelter for homeless and abused women. Chelsea is supportive when Sharon says she is no longer going to be working with Chelsea in their design line. Michael keeps wondering why Jack is being so helpful to Gloria. Abby is worried about her place in the company when Victor showers praise on Victoria. Phyliss suggests Ashley is jealous when she in unhappy about the friendship that is deepening between her and Ravi. Realizing he cannot live without her, Devon tells Hilary he does not want a divorce.


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