Sidewalks fixed around cemetery

It’s an easier stroll around Mound Cemetery thanks to recent maintenance by the city’s streets and public facilities crews.

New sections of concrete sidewalk have taken the place of those broken up by tree roots in addition to new curbs and curb cuts for easier access via wheelchair.

Across the city, sidewalk maintenance is usually the responsibility of the property owner but since the cemetery is owned by the city, city workers and funds were used for repairs.

“They started just before Sternwheel (festival) and wrapped up recently,” said Safety-Service Director Jonathan Hupp.

City Auditor Sherri Hess said the project was budgeted out of the city’s streets budget because much of the previous damage to the sidewalk came from tree roots.

“There was one huge tree that made it like walking up a hill just to get over that on the sidewalk,” she explained. “The purchase order was for $3,500.”

Streets Superintendent Todd Stockel said the project not only battled tree roots but also the gradual deterioration of certain sections.

“There were 22 yards of concrete to pour for the sidewalk,” he noted. “We had to remove several roots, most areas we had to repave were because of roots but also there was a big section that had just been worn down over the years.”

Second Ward Councilman Mike McCauley lives close to the cemetery and said he uses the surrounding sidewalk often.

“I walk around that thing twice a day,” he said, chuckling. “There’s always somebody walking their dogs around there.”

He said there’s also been work done along the backside of the cemetery and along Tupper Street.

“It’s great because they’re also doing the curbs and resettling on the backside,” he explained. “They’ve done a really good job even on the simple things like curb cuts so you can get the wheelchairs through.”

At a glance

¯ Recent maintenance by the city’s streets and public facilities crews has made walking around the Mound Cemetery in Marietta safer.

¯ For a budget of $3,500, 22 yards of new concrete was poured.

¯ Large tree roots that had broken up the previous sidewalks were also removed.

Source: Marietta City Administration.