Daytime Dial

By Lynda Hirsch

”THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Feeling pressure from Sheila, Mateo steps up his seduction game in order to accomplish his assigned task. Wyatt and Katie do not see eye to eye regarding what the presumed outcome will be from Bill and Liam’s confrontation. With Steffy on the sidelines beaming with pride, Bill and Liam agree to set aside their differences and promise to never fight this way again. Wyatt arrives at Spencer Publications to the sight and situation that he least expected.

Liam praises Steffy for her dedication to him and credits her for reuniting the Spencer men in a way he couldn’t have imagined. Appreciation turns to bitterness between Steffy and Liam when the topic of Sally is brought up. Steffy is unhappy when Liam says he is going to continue to help Sally. Sheila summons Eric to inform him that Quinn is having an affair behind his back with the estate manager, Mateo. Quinn tells Wyatt about her encounter with Mateo after agreeing to keep her negative feeling about Katie in check. When Charlie confesses his concerns about Sheila causing more trouble for the Forresters, Pam confronts him about what he knows. Feeling betrayed by his wife, Eric invites Sheila over to his house, along with her portrait, so that she can replace Quinn in his life and on his wall. It is a rouse. Eric and Quinn order her out of the house after revealing they know she was plotting to destroy their marriage.

Bill surprises Liam and Wyatt with legal papers making the three of them co-CEOs of Spencer Publications. As Steffy fills Ridge in on the Spencer family reconciliation, she intentionally leaves out the cause of the rift. Having placated Liam’s concern about his changes made while CEO remaining, Bill turns to Wyatt to be an ally in their future decisions regarding the company.


”DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: Thanks to Andre, the police find Dr. Rolf. Sami arrives on the scene. Grabbing Hope’s gun, she gets Rolf to admit he was hired to bring Will back to life, but the order did not come from Stefano. Rolf takes a cyanide tablet from his vest packet; with Rolf dead, the search for Will continues. Rafe is upset when Hope arrests Sami for taking her gun. At the mansion, Bonnie is about to marry Victor. Maggie and Victor say it was a scam, and he has no plans to marry Bonnie. Justin still cannot understand the change in Adrienne. Kayla and Patch burst in and explain the woman they think is Adrienne is really Bonnie. As her plan unravels, Bonnie runs out. Sneaking out of town, Bonnie swears she will be back. At Statesville, Justin runs into to tell Adrienne. The duo share a passionate kiss. Afterward, the two claim it was not romantic, but just a reaction to the moment; their eyes say something else. When the warden does not buy Steve and Kayla’s story, he has them jump trough hoops to prove they are telling the truth .Eli tells Gabi that Sheila and her brother were jailed because of him. He reveals as kids they ran the streets. When Eli grew up he became an FBI agent. He turned Sheila and Russell in to get a promotion. Russell died in prison. Spotting Sheila, Eli offers to help her out of her current jam. Crushed by Nicole dumping him, Eric trashes the farmhouse and cuts his hand. Jennifer arrives and convinces him to return to Salem. Leaving the farmhouse, Eric leaves behind all his mementoes of Nicole. Eric confronts Brady about what he did to make Nicole move away.


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