Daytime Dial

By Lynda Hirsch

”THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS”: Noah learns that Tessa stole the gun crystal used to kill Zach. Offered a job by Ashley, Abby says yes, but then she makes Ashley furious when she dumps her job at Jabot and agrees to return to Newman. Running into Ravi, she suggests they go to her room and have champagne and sex. A thrilled Ravi loves the idea. Sensing that Scott and Abby got too close for comfort when they were held hostage, Sharon decides it is a good time to have him move in with het. Scott gets a job offer for a prestigious New York City paper. When it appears Chelsea and Nick will not attend Victor’s Christmas party, he warns that that he will reveal that Christan is Adam’s son — not Nick’s — if they do not go. Dina’s up and down mood swings have Jack an emotional mess. Devon comforts Hillary when nude photos of her run on the internet. Her agent suggests it could be a career killer. Mariah tells Hillary they need to work together to save Buzz. Dina’s holiday mood goes from happy to horrible. When Jack starts to tell Dina she has Alzheimer’s, she tells him she has known for a year. Cane tells Lily his job at Chancellor is perfect. More than a job, he wants baby Sam to be OK. Sam’s doctor calls to say that the baby must have heart surgery ASAP. When Cane learns he does not have the right blood type for the donation, Lily learns she does and wants to donate. Genoa City citizens fight to save Chancellor Park when a developer plans to tear it down and put up apartments. Ashley, Jack and Gloria bump heads. Jack tells Nikki they cannot be together because he has to focus on Dina’s health and Jabot.


”DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: Devastated about shooting Theo, JJ tells Lani they have to end their relationship. Gabi and Eli fight when he suggests he shot THEO because he was a black man wearing a hoodie. Gabi goes to JJ to offer comfort and support. Abs removes Hope from the police force because she will not fire JJ. Rafe goes to Abe and convinces him not to ax JJ. He will not re-hire Hope and tells Rafe he wants him to take her place. Blindsided by Abe’s decision, Hope vents. The conversation turns to why she will not set a wedding date he realizes that she will always love Bo. Admitting he is right, she returns his engagement ring. Sami’s plan to get Will to remember who he is backfires big-time. She gets two henchmen to kidnap Ben. She then orders him to recap the night he tried to murder Will. As Lucas and Will are bonding, the henchmen knock out Lucas and kidnap Will. Sami watches, and it is apparent that Ben is about to really strangle Will; Ben stops himself. Will, John and Marlena order Sami out of their lives. In the park, Rafe and Sami find each other. Rafe walks Sami back to her room and eventually comes in, where, after a lot of talking, they get ready for sex. Ciara returns to town riding a motorcycle and wearing a black leather jacket. Abby convinces Chad not to throw Andre out of the mansion. Andre does not tell anyone that Kate is the person who sent Theo to break into the office building.