Daytime Dial

By Lynda Hirsch

”DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: Sonny is crushed when Will says he wants a divorce and is moving out of the mansion. Victor warns Brady about his plan to bed and wed Eve so he can then dump her and force her to give up Titan could turn into a disaster for Brady. Eve gloats when Gabi decides to sign with Dimera and not Titan. Eve is beginning to fall for Andre, who really does love her. Andre thinks Stefan is just a figurehead. In fact, Stefan and Vivian are the real power players. Stefan tells Abby he grew up in an orphanage and was sent to a boarding school in the UK. Despite Roman telling her to let it go, Anna plans to hunt down Stefano — who may or may not be dead — to make him pay for killing Tony. Steve does not tell Kayla he is suffering fro blurred vision. Eli tells Lani she has to stop thinking about their one spent together. Lani does not reveal she is pregnant. JJ hears that Lani is preparing to have an abortion and thinks he is the father, so he tells her he wants her to have the child. Deciding he never wants to be in the position of having to shoot someone, JJ quits the police force and tells Hope he is not sure what he plans to do with his life, but he is going to search for what he was meant to do. Realizing Rafe really does lover her mother, Ciara decides not to tell Hope about Rafe and Sami’s one night stand.


”GENERAL HOSPITAL”: Laura and Ned prepare to battle for the Port Charles Mayor’s race, but when a brick is thrown, Julian suspects Sonny. Sonny swears he is innocent, but makes Julian serve his coffee at the bar. Julian and Kim have a meet-cute when she comes to the bar and helps him deal with the high-tech coffee maker. Tired of schoolyard bullies, Oscar asks Drew to teach him to box. As Sam and Jason are about to divorce, Alexis thinks Drew should have custody of Danny and stay out of the child’s life. A furious Sam tells Alexis that Jason has lost everything and she wont take away his son. Sonny and Spinelli team up to locate Fasion’s other son. Diane scoffs when Alexis tells her she is no longer seeing Dr. Benesh, but that it has nothing to do with Julian. Nina and Valentin discuss her having drugged Cassandra and his dumping Cassandra in the alley and paying Erich to take the blame. Ava has her final plastic surgery procedure. Franco is uneasy when he learns that the man trying to revamp the Charles Street area knew him as a child because he dated Betsy. Lulu decides the best way to land an interview with Faison is to talk to Nathan about the fact that he is Fasion’s son. By the time Maxi convinces Nathan it is a mistake to use himself as bait to draw out Faison, it is too late — the article has hit the internet. Anna is sad when Finn tells her that he and Roxy are moving back to the Metro Court. Carly is out if control when a box of condoms fall out of Joslynn’s backpack.


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