Daytime Dial

“THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Brooke surprises Hope by having her half-sister, Bridget, arrive for her wedding. The Logan ladies, Brooke, Donna, Katie and Bridget, assist Hope in become a beautiful bride. Taylor expresses her concerns to Steffy about attending Hope and Liam’s wedding. Steffy reprimands her mother and makes it clear that she does not want any drama. Wyatt is stunned when Liam informs him that Steffy will be present when Liam and Hope say “I do”. Taylor pays Liam an unexpected visit prior to the nuptials to make one last attempt on Steffy’s behalf.

Hope and Liam’s wedding begins and everyone is in awe of Hope’s breathtaking entrance. Bill admits to Justin that even though he did not expect to be invited to the wedding, it still stings that he is not with Liam on his son’s big day. Brooke shoots Taylor a stern look when Carter asks if anyone finds just cause for Liam and Hope not to be wed. Bill confesses his greatest fear to Justin. Unhappy, Taylor sits through the wedding in support of Steffy. At the reception, Taylor attempts to make a speech but is thwarted by Brooke. Brooke hauls Taylor into the kitchen to stop her from causing a spectacle. Taylor cannot take it anymore and begins to hurl accusations and wedding cake at her nemesis. As push turns to shove and wedding cake flies, Hope and Steffy enter and are horrified by what they witness.

Liam surprises Hope with an impromptu honeymoon “staycation”. Bill is discussing how he wants to be a good father to Will when Justin informs him that an important business partner wants to meet immediately. When Bill states he cannot make the meeting because he is going to see his son, Justin attempts to convince him otherwise. Thorne assures Katie that if Bill is not present in Will’s life that he will be. Thorne and Will bond while they wait for Bill to arrive.

Bill takes the meeting but realizes it was a mistake to miss out on time with Will. Brooke is shocked to learn that Katie is considering suing Bill for full custody of will. Brooke does not agree with Katie’s intention. Bill is torn between continuing the meeting and being with his son. Katie listens as Thorne reiterates that Bill will not be able to give Will the same care, love and support to Will that she does. Thorne encourages Katie to follow through with a court case. Liam and Hope enjoy their honeymoon. Ridge and Brooke agree to disagree about a possible custody battle between Bill and Katie.


“THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS”: Ashley and Kyle continue to plot against Billy, and Kyle realizes that Billy was gambling with company property. Ashley is hesitant about using Billy’s addiction against him. Learning that Summer plans to get Billy in bed, Phyliss confronts her. The mother and daughter sling angry words at each other. Summer is stunned when Phyliss slaps her. Summer continues her plan to meet Bill in Philly — a plan he knows nothing about.

Mariah continues to worry about Tessa’s absence, eventually telling Sharon the real reason that Tessa left town. Sharon gently warns Mariah that Tessa may have just decided to end their relationship, and she may not have the courage to come back and face Mariah.

Nikki continues to worry about Victoria’s mental health, so she seeks help from Nate, telling him about JT’s abuse, and asking him to help Victoria deal with the stress she’s been experiencing. Despite their best efforts, Victoria refuses to accept their help, and her stress continues to increase, especially when Paul resumes questioning her over JT’s disappearance.

Sharon meets Rey, a mysterious newcomer to Genoa City. Rey spends a lot of time at Crimson Lights subtly quizzing both Sharon and Phyllis.

Abby agrees to be in Sharon’s wedding party. Neil is confuses when Ashley keeps backing away from their relationship.


“DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: In town for John and Marlena’s wedding, Belle and Shawn are horrified that Claire is sharing an apartment with Ben. Angry about Ciara’s living arrangement, Hope decides to re-open the cabin arson case. While talking to “Susan,” Will regains his memories and talks about their wedding. Sonny moves in for a kiss. Will does not back off. A drugged Sami arrives at the wedding. She reveals that Susan is really Kristen. Pulling a gun, Kristen takes aim at Marlena. Sami walks in front of her mother, who kidnapped her weeks ago. Brady tries to talk down Kirsten. Having none of it, she blames Eric for ruining her chance at happiness with Brady. Kristen says it does not matter; everyone will pay. When Sami tries talking to Kristen she gives Sami the gun.

and orders her to shoot John. Claiming EJ is alive, Kristen says she will take her to him if she shoots. As Eric tries to pull the gun away from Sami, it discharges. Bonnie begs Steve to let her go. Steve says no deal, she is going to the police station. Adrienne is thrilled that Steve has located her doppelganger. Roman reveals he and Anna have called off their wedding plans.


“GENERAL HOSPITAL”: Claiming Cassandra has a deadly contagious virus , Finn tricks Dr. Klein and his sidekick into taking a potion that knocks them out. Although he does not put Cassandra back in a coma, he leaves her behind. Anna and Finn are thrilled as they discover Scorpio and Chase have found them. Cassandra is kidnapped by someone who is wearing a Cassadine ring. After Jonah’s funeral, Sam and Jason bond as they recall Lila the daughter they lost at birth. Back at work, Kiki is bedeviled by Bensch. Reversing her previous decision, Monica fires Bensch. Bensch vows financial and physical revenge. Taken to the park by Julian, Leo falls out of a tree. Griffin, on his run, bandages the boy and says he be taken to GH to be certain he has not suffered a concussion. Leo lets slip he saw Morgan’s baby blanket being placed in the baby’s nursery. Sonny is thrilled when he and Mike bond over baseball. When Sonny says he can watch Mike until Felix’s relief arrives, he must leave the room for a minute. Mike scared when he comes downstairs and is alone decides to press the burglar alarm. Jason on the scene pulls his gun but stops. Sonny, also holding a gun, is stunned when he sees a terrified Mike in the line of fire. Drew decides to date Margaux to learn what she knows about Jason. She is going to use the info to bring down Sonny. At Margaux’s apartment, Drew finds the flash drive with his memories. Lulu agrees to work for Peter at the tabloid. Nina signs the divorce papers. Valentin asks Curtis to help him find Nina’s child — a child she thought died while in a coma. With Lucas devastated by the thought of Wiley’s birthmother changing her mind about the adoption. Julian decides to meet the mother.