Something for every taste to indulge in this holiday season

Several local businesses are offering some delicious distractions to the holiday rush of shopping, decorating and cooking.

Jordan McCutcheon, manager of Tim Horton’s on Seventh Street, said both their iced and hot peppermint mocha is a big hit every year with Christmas shoppers.

“It’s a peppermint flavored mocha with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle,” she said. “People really seem to love it.”

Also for the season, Tim Horton’s will have miniature waffles, said McCutcheon. The approximately three-inch wide waffle is maple flavored and comes with the option of being dipped in chocolate for those with an extreme sweet tooth.

Another option for people with an affinity for the sweeter things in life is at Jeremiah’s Coffee Shop on Front Street. Karen Henthorn, the owner of Jeremiah’s, said their pies and cakes have become a holiday tradition for a lot of people in the area. The shop even offers holiday treats for people who are a little more health conscious, she said.

“We have gluten free cheesecake and carrot cake,” she said. “We also have chocolate, chocolate peanut butter and coconut creme pies available for the holidays.”

The pies can either be purchased whole or by the slice, she said.

One of the several seasonally inspired coffees that Jeremiah’s offers is the Egg Nog latte.

Assistant Manager, Sammi Deweese said the homemade egg nog and white chocolate drink is her go-to beverage regardless of what time of year it is.

“That is my favorite drink,” she said. “I’ve been drinking it since October.”

For people who love frozen treats regardless of the temperature outside, Whit’s Frozen Custard on Second Street offers Christmas flavors of their custard.

“We have egg nog, candy cane cookie and candy cane chocolate,” said Ally Pickering, manager at Whit’s. “Candy cane goes well with anything.”

If dashing through the snow looking for that special gift has a person especially worked up, the House of Wines on Ohio 60 has the beverages every adult needs to ward off the holiday blues.

Angela Wolfe, front of house manager at House of Wines, said they are already stocked up on Christmas inspired craft beers.

“(Christmas beers) have a lot more spices in them,” she said. “Usually the stouts and darker beers are more popular this time of year and we have a ton of options.”

Wolfe said House of Wines has around a dozen holiday beers for people to purchase and take home. That doesn’t include the Christmas beers they have on tap.

One of the holiday beers they have on tap is Bell’s Christmas Pale Ale-Stout. Wolfe said the beer being a mixture of a pale ale and a stout isn’t the only thing that makes it unique.

“It draws flavor from a scotch whiskey barrel that it was aged in,” she said.

The smoothness of the stout is contradicted with the aftertaste of a straight scotch whiskey, she said. The combination of flavors is something that a person’s pallet won’t forget, Wolfe said.

Local Christmas treats:

¯What: Christmas themed coffees and pies.

¯Where: Jeremiah’s Coffee House, 175 Front St.

¯What: Christmas themed craft beers.

¯Where: House of Wines, 4339 State Route 60.

¯What :Peppermint mocha lattes and miniature waffle treats.

¯Where: Tim Horton’s, 118 Seventh St.

¯What: Christmas flavored custards

¯Where: Whit’s Frozen Custard, 335 Second St.