Mid-Ohio Valley Players present ‘Precious Heart’

From local reports

Precious few plays call for a cast of “a one-woman show with an all-male cast.” Yet “Precious Heart,” by Ted Karber, the next offering in the Mid-Ohio Valley Players season, calls for just that.

The show opens this Friday.

Director Jena Lane Blair joins forces with actor John “Mack” McHale to bring “Miss Fleeta Mae Bryte,” a countrywoman from the rural town of Precious Heart, Texas, to life. This award-winning play is all about Fleeta Mae and her memories of high school rivalries and the lives of those around her in the little town of Precious Heart, Texas. From her encounters with nymphomaniac armadillos, to her clandestine waltzing with her dress form, to a strange little creature that may or may not have been an alien…anything is possible in Fleeta Mae’s world as she has retained a childlike wonder many people lose as they pass into adulthood.

“Fleeta Mae is not an actor in drag in any way,” said Blair. “The female role is simply played by a male actor. I truly believe that if you just sit back and welcome Miss Fleeta Mae to entertain and touch your heart, you will be so captivated, you won’t notice.”

McHale agreed, stating that “This play had that quirky charm that looked like fun. I was wrong. This production challenged me in ways I didn’t even realize. Fleeta Mae lives the life of dashed dreams and crushed emotions and yet, she overcomes the worst in life by being her best.”


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