Seasonal novels out now

The Five-Ingredient Mystery series gets a seasonal twist in “Gingerdead Man” by Maya Corrigan.

While in an alternate world where there is no COVID, Val and her grandfather are taking part in the Dickens of a Holiday festival, complete with tea party and costumed characters straight from the novels. The creepiest character is the Ghost of Christmas Present, who is handing out gingerbread men with skeletons on them, very on theme, and while its creepy, nothing seems amiss until the un-jolly Santa Claus drops dead. Who would kill during the hoildays? It’s up to Val to find out! With a fun cast of characters and plenty of suspects, this is a great holiday story – just don’t eat any gingerbread men from ghosts!

“Gingerdead Man” is published by Kensington.


Speaking of Dickens, he becomes a character ready to solve a murder in “A Christmas Carol Murder” by Heather Redmond.

Charles and Kate are enjoying the holidays with family and friends when a night of caroling ends with a body falling from a window. The man is wrapped in chains and is named Jacob Harley — the partner of the man who lives in the house named Emmanuel Screws. Hmmm…. Charles decides to solve the mystery, but his case goes sideways when Harley’s body goes missing — and then his ghost appears to Charles. Too much mulled cider or a real visitation? While Screws seems to be the obvious culprit, is he really too weak to have pushed Harley? Add in the complication of an orphaned infant and there’s plenty of trouble to be had for Charles – but can he solve this one by Christmas? A funny mix-up of Dickens and mystery, this is a great seasonal treat for mystery fans.

“A Christmas Carol Murder” is published by Kensington.


Santa Claus and noir joins up in a twisted mix in “Mrs. Claus and the Santaland Slayings” by Liz Ireland.

April has just married her new husband Nick, yes, that Nick. And while moving to the North Pole might take some expectations, April never expected murder to be on the list. But that’s exactly what happens when grumpy elf Giblet Hollyberry is killed by a black widow spider in his stocking after an argument with the big man. While Constable Crinkle calls it an accident, April isn’t sure, and isn’t resting until this case is closed! A funny mix of mystery, the holidays and a crime noir story, this will be perfect with some hot chocolate.

“Mrs. Claus and the Santaland Slayings” is published by Kensington.


A novella is available wherever you download books right now to get you in the Christmas spirit with “Candy Cane Crime” by Amanda Flower.

Flower brings back a side character from her Amish Candy Shop series to track down a candy cane mystery. While Charlotte has been helping her English cousin, Bailey, with her candy shop, she gets to be in charge of the town’s candy cane exchange, in which notes are exchanged with the canes and delivered. When Charlotte gets one herself signed from a secret admirer, she’s determined to figure out just who it is. And while crime never seems far away from the sleepy town of Harvest, Charlotte just might find some Grinch-y behavior from a town member! This is a cute novella that is a perfect mix of cozy and holiday spirit with familiar characters.

“Candy Cane Crime” is an ebook available now from Kensington Books.


A couple who buys a table preparing for their new baby is connected to another couple in “The Christmas Table” by Donna VanLiere.

When Lauren finds out she is pregnant and due in December 2012, she and her husband decide they need to get their home ready to be family — and that includes a kitchen table. One bought by a furniture builder at a garage sale seems to do the trick, and as they bring it home they find recipes inside a drawer — from a mom to a daughter, teaching her how to cook, and Lauren begins to follow along. In 1972, John is building a table for his wife, Joan, who is trying to learn to cook while battling breast cancer. How will the table tie the two families together? This is a sweet story that is a perfect Christmas read.

“The Christmas Table” is published by St. Martin’s Press.


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