Road repairs delayed in Beverly

BEVERLY – Road repairs on Center, Fourth and Cemetery streets will have to wait a while longer, the Beverly Village Council was told Wednesday night.

The work, which includes crack sealing and paving, was delayed by adverse spring weather, and now, a material shortage will delay things further, a committee chair told the council, reporting on a discussion she had with a local contractor.

“They’re using a different kind of composite on Ohio 60 that is not suitable for smaller projects,” streets, alleys and sidewalks committee chair Abigail Spung said. “That means (the contractor) is limited to the material he can get each day. He said if it’s done in parts it won’t be as good, so the whole project can’t be done until after 60 is finished.”

The Ohio 60 repaving project between Beverly and Marietta is underway. Council member Derrick Huck said after the meeting that the delays on the highway are affecting everyone who drives to Marietta.

“I can’t wait until this is over,” he said.

Spung also gave the council an update on the village website, which is being redesigned.

Council president James Ullman explained that the current website had been maintained by a person “who is no longer doing that” and the village has designed a new one “which is so much better.”

Spung said training for administering and using the site is coming up this month, with launch of the new site expected Aug. 1.

“It will include ordinances and forms,” Ullman said, and Spung added, “It will be a good utility for us.”

The new website will incorporate a redesigned logo for the village based on the motto, “A small community with a big heart,” said Spung, who is a professional graphic designer.

She recommended that the village trademark the logo, and suggested the possibility that it might be used on branded merchandise such as T-shirts to raise some money for special community projects.

The council approved with three readings and an adoption a three-year contract with Rumpke, Inc., for solid waste disposal. The rates, council member Jay Arnold said, will increase for residential customers by 1 percent per year for the three-year term, but no increases will be applied to businesses.

The council also:

•Was informed that the village swimming pool had revenues of more than $1,000 on July 4.

•Heard that the fire department had only four runs in June, making it the slowest month in years for fires.