Road Closures: Marietta McDonald’s Half Marathon this weekend

From Staff Reports

The fourth annual McDonald’s Half Marathon is scheduled to begin Saturday morning with road closures in place by 7:45 a.m.

The course will use less roadway than in previous years, according to the Marietta Police Department operations plan, but will see the following streets closed:

¯ Hart Street between Don Drumm Stadium and River Trail.

¯ Front Street from the Ohio River Levee to Putnam Street, reopen by 8:45 a.m.

¯ Putnam Street between Front and Seventh streets, reopen by 9 a.m.*

*Putnam Bridge access from Harmar to downtown Marietta will be blocked.

¯ Glendale Road, eastbound lane closed between Seventh and Colegate until last participant passes Colegate.

¯ Glendale Road from Colegate to Ohio 821.

¯ Gregg Street.

¯ Rathbone Road.

¯ Linwood Avenue.

Expect delays along:

¯ Ohio 821 between Glendale and Ohio 60.

¯ Ohio 60 between Ohio 821 and Greenleaf Landscapes.

¯ Colegate Drive between Dale Street and Ohio 60.

¯ Muskingum Drive between Waldo Street and Linwood Avenue.

¯ Davis Avenue.

¯ Muskingum Drive/Third Street access to Marietta Memorial Hospital.

Water stations will be located at:

¯ Glendale Road football field.

¯ Glendale Road fire station.

¯ Glendale Road Lerch home.

¯ Glendale Road Seth home.

¯ Glendale Road green barn.

¯ Ohio 821 near Broughton Nature Preserve.

¯ Gregg Street.

¯ Marietta Aquatic Center.

¯ Marietta Boat Club.

¯ Washington Street Bridge.

¯ Putnam Bridge tunnel.

¯ Don Drumm Stadium.

Volunteers will be located along the routes of the half marathon and the 5k and 10k races.