McDonald’s offering meals to health care workers, first responders

Hoping to honor first responders, McDonald’s franchises in Marietta are offering a free breakfast or lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“Today is our first day, really,” said franchise owner Laurie Strahler on Monday. “They are heroes to all of us.”

On Mondays, health care personnel can show their badge and receive either a free Egg McMuffin combo meal for breakfast or a Double Cheeseburger combo for lunch.

Wednesdays are law enforcement days and Fridays are firefighter days, limiting the meals to one per badge.

Though the two Marietta city departments may not participate due to gratuity restrictions of the paid departments, Fire Chief C.W. Durham said he was appreciative of the offer.

“I think it’s great, there are a lot of volunteer fire departments out there that could use it,” said Durham. “It’s a very nice offer.”

“That’s nice of Laurie Strahler to do that… perhaps our guys can get it coming back from a run or coming in from breakfast,” said Reno Fire Chief Dan Ritchey. “We have both a volunteer and paid staff, it’s nice for them to remember us.”

Ritchey said the volunteer departments are struggling to obtain needed gear and masks, so having a meal on Fridays is a kind gesture.

“Last week, Charlie Schilling was able to get (masks) for us, too, after we bought up everything we could buy up,” said Ritchey. “We spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,500 on masks, suits, goggles and safety glasses and have made those available to other departments in the county and Williamstown just to pay for what we got in them to try and share between our neighboring departments in Washington and Wood County.”

Strahler said she’s continued operations at all three McDonald’s locations on Glendale Road, Pike Street and Gilman Avenue to not only continue to serve food to essential workers in the health and law enforcement fields, but also to maintain employment for her staff.

“We’re trying to provide jobs and keep people working and informed,” said the franchise owner. “The goal is to keep my employees working when I know a lot of people can’t.”

Strahler said there’s not yet a firm end date for the hero days meal ticket.

“That’s going to be ongoing, we haven’t set an end date,” she explained.

Janelle Patterson can be reached at jpatterson@mariettatimes.com.

Hero meals:

First responders in the health care, law enforcement and firefighting fields are being honored for the foreseeable future with a free Egg McMuffin or Double Cheeseburger combination on the following days:

• Monday: Health care.

• Wednesday: Law enforcement.

• Friday: Firefighters.

Source: McDonald’s of Marietta.


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