Restaurant reopening continues

Photo by Janelle Patterson Avtar Singh prepares naan for a takeout order Thursday at Star of India restaurant in Marietta.

Another rainy reopening day and a slow emergence out of coronavirus captivity offered some restaurants in Marietta a slow day on Thursday.

“We’ve been open the whole time and just trying to adjust to whatever the governor says,” said Ashleigh Passin, co-owner of TLV Restaurant on Front Street. “I did a delivery still today and we’ve had two reservations.”

The adjustments the Israeli food establishment made for indoor dining Thursday created more intimate eating nooks through room dividers.

“It’s kind of cozy now, but we’ll still do curbside pickup and delivery, we want you to be comfortable and hopefully as people see others stepping out, they’ll start feeling more comfortable to come in,” said Passin. “Over the weekend we did great outside when the weather was good and we had those tables set up.”

At Kreamy Kreations between Greene Street and the Ohio River Levee, the deluge stalled reopening the outdoor table space planned for Thursday, but a full ice cream menu was ready to go.

“We have it all, just waiting on this weather,” said Madilyn McKitrick as she scooped peanut butter chocolate scoops.

Meanwhile, the owners of Star of India on Greene Street, Avtar and Parveen Singh, said they’re waiting to reopen their dining room until lighting and ceiling work is complete.

“We only have three of us, so the buffet we weren’t sure we could do,” said Parveen. “But we’ve had our regulars, our steady customers still ordering carry out through this.”

Stacey Miller of Lower Salem was excited to drop by again Thursday to pick up her meal at the southern Indian restaurant.

“We need to support all local businesses, they’re our neighbors and friends and this is what fostering diversity is about,” said Miller. “We enjoy this food so much.”

Avtar said the first priority for any restaurant must be safety, so he’s not in a rush to force patrons back to the indoor tables.

“And we haven’t had any calls today asking if we’re open to sit either, I think if we get calls then we’ll look at it, but it’s better to be safe and watch what happens first,” he said.

The pair said at the forefront will be communication with the Marietta-Belpre Health Department for guidance on spacing their patrons, and will also keep an eye on other buffet-offering locations like Empire Buffet (a Chinese food restaurant in Marietta) for direction on how to serve lunch.

“It may be just a limited selection for lunch like with our food truck,” said Avtar. “We adjust, but we want everyone to stay healthy.”

Other eateries like the Town House, Third Street Deli, The Gun Room and The Busy Bee, look to reopen in June.

And restaurants like Tampico, the Marietta Brewing Company and Tonya’s Country Kitchen simply modified the number of tables and layout to allow for indoor dining Thursday.

Passin said she and her husband Uri have limited the indoor service to approximately half-capacity, but hope the new experience comes with willing and kind returns from patrons.

“We’re even offering you a choice in what kind of silverware you’re most comfortable with,” added Passin. “If you want plastic (disposable) we have that ready, we want you to be at ease here.”

Janelle Patterson may be reached at jpatterson@mariettatimes.com.

At a glance:

– Restaurants were allowed to reopen indoor dining rooms Thursday in Ohio.

– Several Marietta restaurants are waiting until June to offer indoor seating, allowing for remodeling and renovations to be complete and restrictions on spacing and additional bodies to be lifted.

– Restaurants open for indoor dining in downtown Marietta include:

– TLV Restaurant.

– Marietta Brewing Company.

– Boathouse BBQ.

– Tonya’s Country Kitchen.

– Over the Moon Pub and Pizza.

– Austyn’s.


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