Effort to enter final ward for first rounds Monday

Photo by Janelle Patterson City laborers refresh the details and vibrancy of a fire hydrant in the Marietta’s Third Ward Friday, catching up on the more than 700 fire hydrants being addressed as part of the “All out, Roll out” maintenance effort.

In its final ward iteration for the first rounds of the new city maintenance effort, “All out, Roll out” arrives in Marietta’s Second Ward Monday.

“We’ve had crews working in each of the wards and then hope to come back in the fall with another round,” said Mayor Josh Schlicher this week as he previewed the continued effort.

The only change from this iteration to the past three wards (Fourth, First and Third) is that no dumpster will be provided downtown, south of Washington Street in either the more commercial or residential areas of the ward.

More than 450 cubic yards of trash, old furniture and junk were hauled in the three wards, but due to misuse and debris left at both the Kroger Wetlands location and the Peoples Bank overflow parking lot in the First and Fourth wards respectively, no dumpsters will be set next week.

“Unfortunately, the city must postpone this program but dumpsters will again be provided in early fall at one designated location where trash disposal can be monitored and controlled,” Schlicher added in a press release.

Safety-Service Director Steve Wetz noted that efforts to complete light bulb replacements and paint fire hydrants across the city have drawn in combined work effort of city employees.

“We still have some catching up, but Joey, Shane and Dave had been prepping hydrants and water, streets and fire guys have all been out painting this week,” said Wetz. “I know we were still wrapping up First and Third Ward.”

Wetz said this week that the parks will also see intense focus from the city crews as the maintenance effort moves into the heart of city traffic and that the city police department will continue with traffic control for the safety of city employees alongside motorists.

Other assignments for city departments next week while downtown include:

∫ Fire department: check fire hydrants for functionality and ensure proper numbering is affixed on all homes.

∫ Code enforcement official: review structures for code violations.

∫ Water department: paint and repair hydrants.

∫ Sewer department: use diagnostic camera system to examine sewer infrastructure and

Use a vacuum truck to clean out storm drains.

∫ Streets department: minor street repairs, tree trimming, curb painting, sidewalk milling, and street sweeping.

∫ Engineering department: Identify drainage issues, street improvements, and American with Disabilities Act noncompliance.

Second Ward residents and business owners are asked to report concerns to City Hall via telephone to 740-373-1387, documentation for nuisance complaint forms may be downloaded from the city website.

Off-street parking is encouraged as much as possible between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Aug. 10-14.

Janelle Patterson may be reached at jpatterson@mariettatimes.com.


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