Reports/Washington County

¯ A deputy responded on Sept. 1 to Newport Township in reference to a loose dog. This case remains under investigation.

¯ Deputies responded Saturday to a complaint which occurred at 37601 State Route 7, Newport Township. After completing the investigation, it was determined that Harley Davidson Bills, 60 Big Knot Road, Ellenboro, W.Va., would be summoned into Marietta Municipal Court on a charge of menacing. He turned himself in at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

¯ A deputy was dispatched Sept. 4 to Windy Ridge Road, to a report that a subject was yelling at another subject and enticing him to fight. Jeremy Hescht identified Neil R. Wynn as the subject causing the disturbance. Hescht stated Wynn and he had been arguing with a female and at one point Wynn stood in the middle of the road in front of Hescht’s residence yelling and cussing at him trying to get him to fight. The female reported the two had been arguing and when she told Wynn to keep his voice down, as the neighbors were watching, Wynn directed his attention at the neighbors and began yelling at them.

During the deputy’s attempting contact with Wynn, he (Wynn) was approaching him, yelling and pointing “get off my property.” Wynn continued to yell and demand the deputy leave. He was advised to calm down so that the deputy could speak with him, however he would not. Wynn then approached the deputy in an agitated state, yelling and pointing at him, telling him to get off his property. Wynn was again asked to calm down. Wynn did not and continued to steadily approach the deputy. Wynn continued pointing his finger and demanding law enforcement leave his property with an elevated and slurred tone. Wynn came within approximately six inches of the deputy and showed no signs of stopping, as if he was going to walk into him, while continuing to demand he leave his property. Due to the actions of Wynn, the deputy advised Wynn to back up, and calm down. The deputy extended his arm, to create space between himself and Wynn, which caused Wynn to fall. Wynn then stated he was “outta here” turning away and beginning to run. A foot pursuit ensued, advising Wynn he was under arrest. Making contact with Wynn, an attempt to handcuff him was made, with him resisting, pulling his arm away and attempting to run again, ignoring the commands. Neil R. Wynn, 29, of 1348 Windy Ridge Road, Vincent, was placed under arrest and charged with obstructing official business, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Once at the Washington County Jail, Wynn tested .149 on the portable breathalyzer test.

¯ At approximately 8 p.m. Sept. 4, a deputy was dispatched to Adams Township to meet with a cashier at the Dollar General, 10200 State Route 60, Lowell. The report was of an unknown adult male exposing himself in the store on two occasions. The deputy was again dispatched to the Dollar General on Tuesday at approximately 8:08 p.m. to a report of the same male, who had exposed himself on Sept. 4, being in the store again. A description of the vehicle was obtained and the owner was identified as Christian Jeremiah Toland, 318 Main St., Lowell, and identified as the same male as in the surveillance video. Toland advised the deputy that he was in the store on Sept. 4 and did expose himself to the “pretty girl.” Toland then approached the cashier at the check out, in which he was also exposing himself to her as well. Toland, 20, was arrested for two counts of public indecency and transported to the Washington County Jail.

¯ A deputy met with John Baughman, Braun Road, Belpre, on Sept. 5 in reference to stolen items from his property. This case remains under investigation.

Arrests/Washington County

The following individuals were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

¯ Thomas Derek Sacks, 32, of 2305 Sandhill Road, Marietta, was arrested for a probation violation, a felony.

¯ Keith Tyler Whealdon, 27, of 5355 State Route 26, Marietta, was arrested for a probation violation, a misdemeanor.

¯ Wendi Jaynel Mahoney, 39, of 266 Muskingum Drive, Marietta, was arrested for a probation violation, a misdemeanor.

¯ Claudia Ann Collins, 39, of 1006 Myrtle St., Parkersburg, was arrested for theft, possession of drugs, and contempt of court, all misdemeanors.

¯ Harley Davidson Bills, 29, of 37601 State Route 7, Newport, was arrested for menacing, a misdemeanor.


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