Bills joins Army Reserves

Private Haley Bills, 17 of Marietta (Moss Run) has achieved something not many kids her age get to accomplish. While in her junior year of high school Haley enlisted in the U. S. Army Reserves. This past June she reported to Fort Jackson, S. C. for her Basic Combat Training (Boot Camp). Boot Camp is an intense process that introduces recruits to the physical, mental and emotional elements of military service. They train in Combat, Infantry, and learning survival skills. Following and successfully completing 10 weeks of intense basic training, Haley graduated and earned the title of U. S. Soldier Private Haley Bills.

The graduation was held on Aug. 13, 2020 at Fort Jackson Base. Due to the Covid 19 virus restrictions, family members were not permitted to attend the graduation, but, were able to view the ceremony through a Live Stream of the Fort Jackson Facebook Page. Following the graduation Haley flew home and was met at the airport by her immediate family. On Sunday Aug. 16th the family had a cookout to honor Haley and signs had been posted along the highway acknowledging her accomplishments and welcoming her home. People passing by saluted Haley by honking their horns. Haley really appreciated all the drive-byes and hearing all the horns. Thank you to all that saluted her and to all that supported her during this journey.

Haley is a senior at Frontier High School and attends the Washington County Career Center, studying Graphic Design. She is the daughter of Jami (Mike) Kahlig and Aaron (Niki) Bills. After her high school graduation in May 2021 she will be shipped out to do her AIT (specialized job) training.


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