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The September meeting of Muskingum Garden Club was at the home of Judy Van Dyk. The 15 attendees made concrete leaves. The elephant ear leaves were provided by Byler’s Greenhouse. Also succulents were provided by three ladies from Byler’s Greenhouse.

Mira VanDyk and Adrian VanDyk assembled portions of sand and concrete for the participants. They helped mix cement and sand with water so it would be the correct consistency.

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful luncheon and dessert prepared by Judy Van Dyk.

After leaves were completed President LaTrelle Ellis opened the meeting. She thanked everyone for participation and creating beautiful leaves. She thanked the guests for joining us.

Roll call was answered with “favorite fall activity.” Walking and enjoying the season change was mentioned most often. Val Hoover read the Secretary’s Report. It was approved as read. Nadine Kasick gave the Treasurer’s Report which was approved as presented.

Thoughts of Inspiration were read by Val Hoover, “The Windows Through Which We Look.” What we see when watching others depends on the purity of the windows through which we look.

Garden hints were provided by LaTrelle Ellis; time to harvest seeds for next season, making sure the seeds are dry and kept in low humidity area. Spoiled milk can be used for watering plants and egg shells can provide nutrients to the soil. Dry flowers for “dry arrangements.”

Old business: suggestions for upkeep of our flower bed on Sacra Via. Need a sign with our name on it.

New business: Need to pay for concrete and sand. Val made a motion. Nadine seconded it; motion passed.

Dues need to be paid to the treasurer.

New historian was appointed. Barbra Garverick graciously accepted the appointment.

Next meeting will take place at Reno School with Debbie Neaser as hostess.

The attendees were: Judy Van Dyk, LaTrekke Ellis, MiraVanDyk, Debbie Neaser, Barbra Garverick, Val Hoover and Nadine Kasick and guests Sarah Dye, Debbie McGuire, Joyce Stephens, John Board, Mona Barrett, and Adrian VanDyk, as well as the three members of Byler’s family.


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