KBI Laundries storefront keeping busy keeping clean

Gilly Barker, 18, of Marietta, straightens up a rack of clothes Monday afternoon at KBI Laundries in Marietta. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

KBI Laundries operates shops in Belpre and Beverly, but it wasn’t until mid-August when their Marietta storefront opened at 106 Front St.

“We’ve been in the coin-operated laundry business for quite some time and they go hand in hand,” said owner Charlie Schilling. “It’s a full-service dry cleaner and shirt laundry. We do a variety of wash, dry and fold services.”

He said opening a shop on Front Street was for the convenience of customers.

“The customer can get in and out pretty quick,” he said. “With curbside pickup, it’s going to help even more. It’s a nice location in the vibrant downtown area.”

Gilly Baker, 18, of Marietta, works part-time as a clerk and is the first person people see when they enter the shop.

“People bring their clothes in and drop them off,” she explained. “We put them in the (computer) system and the truck comes every day to take the clothes to Gallipolis (where they are dry cleaned). It takes two to three days to get them back.”

Schilling said the truck does its pickup before noon, so if customers drop items off before noon, they could have them back in a couple of days.

He noted the software system they use keeps them “up to speed in the 21st century.”

The software can generate text messages to customers and they can pay from a secure link through the message. They also set up accounts for customers and each account can be tailored to the person’s preferences, such as whether they like light, medium or heavy starch in their clothes.

Schilling remarked they have someone at all three shops to do alterations.

“Jess (Kuhens, Marietta shop manager) is fantastic when it comes to alterations,” he said.

Along with jackets, sweaters, shirts and pants, they also clean drapes and curtains, blankets and rugs.

Baker said they’ve been busy since Vogue Swift closed their doors.

“People come in and say they are so happy we opened,” she said.


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