WSCC acknowledges student academic achievements

Washington State Community College is pleased to recognize the students who have earned a place on the President’s and Dean’s lists for the 2020 Fall semester.

Students must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours and attain a 4.0-grade point average (GPA) to receive President’s List honors or a minimum 3.5 – 3.9 GPA for Dean’s List recognition. Congratulations to these 238 students for earning these outstanding scholastic achievements.

President’s List

Andrea Adams-Washington, WV

Kelsey Arnold-Reno, OH

Jacey Barnes-Belpre, OH

Faith Bauerbach-Tuppers Plains, OH

Garrett Becker-Marietta, OH

Allison Bennett-Marietta, OH

Emily Bookman-New Matamoras, OH

Kathryn Bowers-Parkersburg, WV

Logan Brookover-Newport, OH

Allisa Brown-Newport, OH

Thomas Buckland-Parkersburg, WV

Tara Burdette-Marietta, OH

Abigail Burton-New Matamoras, OH

Leslie Carez-Saginaw, MI

Johnathon Carpenter-Dexter City, OH

Natalie Casto-Parkersburg, WV

Lauren Clark-Marietta, OH

Danielle Coe-Fleming, OH

Hayden Constable-Marietta, OH

Corby Curtis-Graysville, OH

Tiphanie Damon-Belpre, OH

Collin Doughty-Marietta, OH

Morgan Dyar-Marietta, OH

Abigail Eddy-Whipple, OH

Raegan Feldner-Caldwell, OH

Seth Felton-New Matamoras, OH

Daniel Ferguson-Marietta, OH

Olivia Flinn-Parkersburg, WV

Justin Fought-Coolville, OH

Lyndsey Fought-Coolville, OH

Isabella Freimann-Marietta, OH

Samantha Gainer-Belpre, OH

Madison Galloway-McConnelsville, OH

Emma Gandor-Marietta, OH

Nondyce Gulick-Marietta, OH

Jacob Gutberlet-Reno, OH

Julia Hamrick-Little Hocking, OH

Kelley Hannigan-Belpre, OH

Kaitlyn Hawk-Long Bottom, OH

Lindsay Heiss-Beverly, OH

Agapi Helou-Little Hocking, OH

John Henke-Marietta, OH

Addison Herb-Marietta, OH

Shayla Honaker-Pomeroy, OH

Emma Hopkins-McConnelsville, OH

Audrey Immele-Marietta, OH

Daphne Jeffrey-Parkersburg, WV

Brandon Johnson-Belpre, OH

Christopher Johnson-Marietta, OH

Lydia Johnson-Little Hocking, OH

Jerry King-Williamstown, WV

Morgan Kolbe-Shade, OH

Savannah Kubic-Marietta, OH

Adrienne Lang -Waterford, OH

Gretchen Lankford-Lowell, OH

Taylor Lemasters-Marietta, OH

Katrina Machamer -Parkersburg, WV

Jeremy McGill-Marietta, OH

Anna McIntire-Beverly, OH

Maranda McIntosh-Washington, WV

Byron Meeks-Parkersburg, WV

Jonna Mendenhall-Newort, OH

Dakota Moore-Newport, OH

Haylee Morgan-Marietta, OH

Morgan Moser-Lowell, OH

Mattie Newsom-Beverly, OH

Hallie Northrop-Marietta, OH

Gavin Ott-Marietta, OH

Olivia Paugstat-Marietta, OH

Devanne Reynolds-Vincent, OH

Braden Rine-Middlebourne, WV

Allison Roddy-Vincent, OH

Kelly Rollins-Vienna, WV

Megan Ross-Coolville, OH

Candice Runnion-Belpre, OH

Mya Sauls-Lowell, OH

Susan Scott-Chandlersville, OH

Tylar Shapaka-Parkersburg, WV

Abby Sims-Parkersburg, WV

Michael Sinkowski-Malta, OH

Eve Smith-Marietta, OH

Lacie Smith-New Matamoras, OH

Alyssa Snyder-Newport, OH

Ciara Space-Marietta, OH

Morgan Stanley-Marietta, OH

Ephraim Stewart-Marietta, OH

Erin Stewart-Marietta, OH

Makenna Sutphin-Newport, OH

Braden Talbott-Marietta, OH

Drew Taylor-Marietta, OH

Katryna Temesvary-Marietta, OH

Britiny Toups-Parkersburg, WV

Dakota Vaughn-Parkersburg, WV

Aaron Vessels-Marietta, OH

Chelsea Waldeck-Belpre, OH

Caitlyn Walker-Newport, OH

Allison Werry-Vincent, OH

Nathaniel Wigal-Belpre, OH

Grace Wojcik-Marietta, OH

Seth Woomer-Marietta, OH

Tameka Young-Houston, TX

Dean’s List

Trinity Abicht-Marietta, OH

Kia Allen-Parkersburg, WV

Erica Amos-Williamstown, WV

Abigail Angle-Stockport, OH

Alexis Anthony-Graysville, OH

Taylor Appleby-Fleming, OH

Emily Arnold-Marietta, OH

Summer Athey-Whipple, OH

Colton Bailey-Vienna, WV

Laura Barnes-Marietta, OH

Chelbi Barrett-Parkersburg, WV

Allison Bates-Beverly, OH

Kayla Bauman-Waverly, WV

Matthew Bertram-Marietta, OH

Sandra Bishop-Belpre, OH

Christopher Bissell-Long Bottom, OH

Crystal Boggs-Mineral Wells, WV

Colin Boker-Marietta, OH

Chantel Brown-Marietta, OH

Donald Brown-Marietta, OH

Nichole Butcher-Marietta, OH

Nikolas Cameron-Vincent, OH

Cameron Camp-Lowell, OH

Jacob Clagett-New Concord, OH

Grayson Clark-Little Hocking, OH

Shelby Cleland-Racine, OH

Dawson Clevenger-Williamstown, WV

Jonathan Colvin-Marietta, OH

McKinley Crowson -Parkersburg, WV

Dezerae Davis-Waverly, WV

Makaylee Deaton-Belpre, OH

Hailey Devolld-Sarahsville, OH

Garret Donahue-Marietta, OH

Karlee Duffey-Marietta, OH

Thomas Duquette-Marietta, OH

Whitney Dye-Parkersburg, WV

Caden Eddy-Little Hocking, OH

Ethan Fouty-Belpre, OH

Justin Fouty-Washington, WV

Mahalah Geese-Marietta, OH

Spencer George-Marietta, OH

Moriah Gonzalez-Marietta, OH

Issiah Grady-Mineral Wells, WV

Jackson Graham-Marietta, OH

Dayton Green-McConnelsville, OH

Tyler Grose-Marietta, OH

Ashley Hall-Belmont, WV

Leightyn Harper-Cutler, OH

David Harr-Vincent, OH

Paige Hartley-Marietta, OH

Ruth Hartline-Marietta, OH

Nicholas Haught-Marietta, OH

Levi Hays-Vienna, WV

Amber Heiss-Marietta, OH

Hailey Hickman-Parkersburg, WV

Sarah Holbert-Marietta, OH

Alexis Holden-Marietta, OH

Austin Holdren-Little hocking, OH

Amber Holland-Coolville, OH

Shannon Holt-Sarahsville, OH

Owen Huck-Waterford, OH

Wade Huck-Waterford, OH

Whitney Ingram-Marietta, OH

Madison Isaacs-Washington, WV

Jansen Jeffrey-Parkersburg, WV

Rickey Johnson-Belpre, OH

Jeanette Keith-Le Roy, WV

Nicholas Kelsey-Marietta, OH

Josie Knight-Parkersburg, WV

Emily Knotts-Little Hocking, OH

Kara Landon-West Chester, OH

Jodie Lashley-Senecaville, OH

Tyler Layman-Ellenboro, WV

Madison Lee-Marietta, OH

Shoshanna Lemon-Parkersburg, WV

Thomas Lenhart-Lowell, OH

Nicole Lessinger-Bely-Davisville, WV

Shay Linder-Mineral Wells, WV

Jaden Lutzen-Vincent, OH

Taylor Marks-Marietta, OH

Daelynn Matheney-Malta, OH

Brayden McConnell-Vincent, OH

Saundra McGary Eaton-Vienna, WV

Cara McIntosh-Lowell, OH

Delaney McMenamin-Canal Winchester, OH

Jessie McPeek-Vienna, WV

Aliyah Moore-Marietta, OH

Olivia Moretto-Newport, OH

Julia Morris-Lowell, OH

Makayla Muntz-Belpre, OH

Cira Myers-Malta, OH

Mackenzie Myers-Marietta, OH

Trenton Napalo-Waverly, WV

Tonya Neff-Cumberland, OH

Beth Nelson-Parkersburg, WV

Shyli O’Brien-Newport, OH

Alisa Ord-Pomeroy, OH

Grace Randall-Belpre, OH

Paul Richards-Marietta, OH

Lyndsie Riffle-Parkersburg, WV

Valerie Ritchhart-Syracuse, OH

Matthew Robinson-Middleport, OH

Ronna Robinson-Reedsville, OH

MacLane Roe-Lowell, OH

Kylie Rohal-Woodsfield, OH

Kassidy Root-Creston, WV

Chandler Rowley-Little Hocking, OH

Carson Sampson-Waterford, OH

Hope Seevers-Marietta, OH

Madison Shuman-Belpre, OH

Brandon Simoniette-Little Hocking, OH

Gloria Sisson-Middleport, OH

Kyle Somerville-Vienna, WV

Jamie Spencer-Marietta, OH

Hailey Staats-Racine, OH

Raegen Stegner-McConnelsville, OH

Molly Stevens-Hurricane, WV

Kayla Stewart-Marietta, OH

Lauren Strickland-Cairo, WV

Colton Sunderman-Belpre, OH

Rachel Swackhammer-Columbus, OH

Savannah Thompson-Marietta, OH

Connor Tullius-Beverly, OH

Kayla Vincent-Marietta, OH

Cynthia Waits-McConnelsville, OH

Jacob Warfield-Vincent, OH

Dakota Warner-Newport, OH

Crystal Webb-Waverly, WV

Chance Weihl-Little Hocking, OH

Emma Wentz-Vincent, OH

Kaleigh West-Lowell, OH

Taylor West-Pleasant City, OH

Camden Westfall-Marietta, OH

Greyson Wiblin-Parkersburg, WV

Kayden Wright-Belpre, OH

Landon Yoak-Marietta, OH

Lauren Zwick-Lower Salem, OH


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