Hall Financial Advisors donates to teachers

Photo by Madeline Scarborough Hall Finanicial Advisors in Marietta donated about $13,000 in school supplies to teachers in both Wood and Washington counties Saturday. This was a slight increase from last year, due to high demands for some items, such as cleaning supplies.

Hall Financial Advisors in Marietta donated nearly $13,000 in school supplies to teachers in Wood and Washington Counties Saturday.

Supplies consisted of school necessities, cleaning supplies and non-perishables that can be given to students in need.

“My wife spent months taking requests and customizing packs for individual teacher needs,” said Chris Hall managing principal of Hall Financial Advisors.

This is the second year that Hall Financial Advisors has donated to local teachers.

“We wanted to give back to the community as a thank you for all everyone does, and we especially wanted an avenue to help teachers and youth,” said Hall.

Hall said that he was especially glad to be able to help teachers during the pandemic, as it has not been an easy year for school systems.

The money comes from the “Giving Foundation”, which is funded entirely by the company.

Hall said there was a slight increase in donated items this year due to high demand of supplies such as cleaning wipes.

“We knew teachers, especially this time of year, run out of supplies and buy with their own money,” said Hall.

Hall said the company was even more motivated this year to help anyway possible.

“We were fortunate and are so pleased that we could help out even just a little,” he said.

Fifteen members of staff and family came out Saturday to help fill up cars as teachers arrived at their scheduled times.

“Its been a steady flow of about three teachers ever five minutes,” said Hall.

One of the many teachers who were helped Saturday was Bobbie Mendenhall.

“Last year I easily spent over $1,000 on my own,” she said. “As teachers we put a lot into our classrooms. This year has been hard, especially with increased needs, not just of our own, but of our students and their families.”

Mendenhall said she was especially grateful for the extra cleaning supplies right now.

“So many of us are spending $150 a week for wipes because we have to wipe desks all day long,” she said.

Hall said that many teachers are even sharing their items with others in need.

Madeline Scarborough can be reached at mscarborough@newsandsentinel.com


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