Hart sentenced on assault charge

A 24-year-old Fleming man was recently sentenced on a 2018 assault of a Marietta peace officer charge.

Quinton Hart was scheduled to appear for a change of plea and sentencing hearing in Washington County Common Pleas Judge John Halliday’s courtroom today, but Halliday’s bailiff confirmed Monday that’s no longer necessary.

“He already (pleaded) and was sentenced,” explained Renee Marshall.

Hart was initially indicted during the backlog sweeps in the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office under the direction of Washington County Prosecutor Nicole Coil in 2019.

Hart was indicted on one count of assault on a peace officer, a fourth-degree felony. The indictment stems from an arrest in October 2018 when Hart assaulted an officer of the Marietta Police Department.

“They were arresting him for something unrelated and (MPD Officer T.J.) Glover was behind him and (Hart) kind of jerked his head back to hit Glover with his head so kind of like a headbutt,” described Assistant Prosecutor David Silwani on Monday.

But when this case finally moved through the court’s docket throughout delays in 2020, Hart was already incarcerated under the jurisdiction of another Ohio county’s court system.

According to the discovery response documents filed in Hart’s case within the Washington County Clerk of Courts office, Hart is serving a four-year prison term for a separate felony conviction.

“Defendant is currently incarcerated for four years for felonious assault out of Morgan County,” the file reads. “His release date is Jan. 4, 2023.”

Hart pleaded to the charge on the indictment on Jan. 7, but was only sentenced to serve six months prison concurrently with his existing sentence for the Morgan County conviction.

“Assault on a peace officer is a pretty serious charge,” explained Silwani, who noted that the court was not able to add additional time above that of the Morgan conviction because Hart is already serving prison time in Ohio.

“I think the conviction was the most important part,” he said. “It will show up if he were to be stopped (by law enforcement in the future) that he has this charge in his past.”


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