Warren superintendent offers update on building project

Chad Kish of Raze International cuts down I-beams used in the former Little Hocking Elementary on Tuesday. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

VINCENT — Warren Local Schools Superintendent Kyle Newton said they are looking at an aggressive timeline for work on the current high school.

“The last day for students is a Thursday. The last day for teachers is Friday and then they want us to start really being out of the building,” he said.

The district’s community update notes the north end of the campuses currently under design and will include the demolition of buildings 1, 3, 4 and 5, the rough-in and abatement of buildings 2 and 6, the construction of additional parking, as well as junior high baseball and softball fields.

This is scheduled to go out for bid next month.

¯ Auction

Parts of the former Little Hocking Elementary are moved into piles by heavy equipment Tuesday. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

Newton said they’ve talked to the auction company which handled the auctions for the former Little Hocking and Warren elementaries.

“They were awesome to work with and were able to do a virtual auction,” Newton said.

He said they would be able to go into the high school and tag items for the auction before school ends. Things like desks won’t be sold as single items, but will instead be sold as classroom lots.

“The auction will probably take place two weeks prior to Memorial Day weekend and then Memorial Day weekend will be the pickup, similar to what happened at the elementaries,” Newton added.

He said everyone seemed happy with the auction and the district walked away with a nice profit.

Three pieces of heavy machinery move rubble from the former Little Hocking Elementary Tuesday. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

“I think that they’ve seen what happened with the elementary schools and I think there’s going to be more excitement for the high school,” he remarked.

¯ Building 6

Building 6 is where the district administration offices will be housed. They are now using a former school on Sweetapple Road.

Newton said there won’t be any formal classes in building 6.

“Six will become more of an event center, which will also house our office,” he said. “We’re looking to possibly have a clinic in that facility as well. It will be a staff, community-type student clinic.”

He said to the right of the auditorium is a health classroom, concession stand and rooms associated with the band, including a band classroom with tiered seating, small practice rooms, offices and storage spaces.

The entire area, plus the concession stand, will be a large conference room and part of the administration offices.

“We’re going to take out some of the lobby space for another part of the office to maximize the use of the facility,” Newton added.

He said the large meeting space would be able to fit 80 people and he’s “super excited for the community” because the space is not part of the main building.

“So outside meetings could happen during the school day,” he explained. “Really, educational space at one of our facilities … there is nothing like that.”

He said it will have handicapped access and a separate entrance.

The auditorium will also undergo renovations and will be fit with 100 seats “that have an arm that comes over with a small work surface,” Newton remarked.

“We could have a large event in there and not interrupt school,” he noted.


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